Naruto Fallen Vengeance

by Ganing
Naruto Fallen Vengeance
A revival of the long, lost game... Recoded, Redone, Renewed. Enter the future Shinobi world, and lay your mark on history. [More]

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Version Alpha 0.4
Date added: Aug 28 2011
Last updated: Jun 19 2017
Last played: Jun 20 2017
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The setting is 300 years after the Naruto series. The clans have integrated within one another, allowing people to be born with a multiple of skills. This was very good because it helped the relationships between clans and villages... but there was a price. Many people have a combination of clans that allow them much power. Too much power. They strive to kill, to overpower, to rule as Kage... but there are those who believe in peace and harmony... until you try to take it away...

-Unleash the power of the 9 beasts
-Control techniques from 3 to 40+ clans
-Become the most powerful out of your village
-Or join an organization such as the Akatsuki or Sound Org. and quench your thirst for world domination
Create your own organization to rule the ninja world...

2017 Revival

NFV has been recreated by:
Ganing - Programming/Skinning
Turo Azai - Graphics Designer

With thanks and credit to:
Kenny - Great helper and keeper of the game
Masterralphy55 - Some GFX, Hub Banner and Icon


Sartorian: (Oct 21 2019, 7:50 am)
If the project is still alive, I'd love to help get it back online.
Dropped out of a university Computer Science program a couple years back ($20,000/yr was too much) and doing a programming diploma in community college now (more for the papers).
If you're interested in taking on another programmer, it's easiest to reach me on Discord - Sartorian#4374
Ganing: (Sep 24 2018, 11:54 am)
Yep! Working on a clan right now actually. I finished college so I have a bit more free time!
TGohanSSJ2: (Aug 31 2018, 1:39 pm)
any updates ganing???
Ganing: (Aug 24 2017, 11:26 pm)
Things are going pretty well, we are working hard!
X-saber300: (Aug 15 2017, 8:17 pm)
so hows progress ?