Fighter's Edition

by Gokussj99
A unique DragonballZ MUD developed entirely in BYOND. [More]
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Date added: Jul 19 2014
Last updated: Mar 27
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Fighters Edition

DBZ: FE is a MUD that is custom built using BYOND. Want to try something different than your standard Dragonball Mud? This is for you! It has many unique elements which include open world planets, a reactive/manual combat system to keep players engaged, custom housing, and more!

This Dragon ball Z MUD is in active development with friendly staff to help you finish your first red ribbon soldier, or advise you how to get Super Saiyan God. It features many different races with more in the works and a quest system which will keep you busy. Not to mention the best part: You can collect dragonballs, summon Shenron (or Porunga in Namek) and make a wish!


- Website:
- Telnet URL: telnet://
- Our Discord:
- Telnet Information:
- PORT: 4000
- Common Mud Clients: Mudlet and Mushclient


- ASCII Map: Explore planets with ascii art to help create an immersive experience.
- No EXP / Levels: You have powerlevel. You gain more powerlevel.
- Reactive Battle System: No more boring battle. It takes skill. It's rewarding!
- PVP System: Full PVP within your powerlevel range! There are some safe areas.
- Arena Duels: Want to test your skills without worrying about dying? Fight in the arena!
- Quest System: Collect dragonballs, go to the afterlife, kill the ginyu force, and much more!
- Playable Races: Human, Halfbreed, Saiyan, Genie, Alien, Icer, Demon, Android, and Kaio!
- Custom Housing: Create a house, add gravity training, add stashes, and more!
- Full Shop system: Buy/Sell equipment from Bula's shop! Buy housing from Dr Briefs.
- Planet System: Travel through planets like Earth, Namek, Arlia, Vegeta, Frieza, and more!
- Transformations: Every race transformations to skyrocket your powerlevel and stats!
- Equipment System: Over 18 slots of equip to wear & help improve your character.
- and much more!

Whether you want to train under intense gravity, farm ssj3 goku, explore secret areas, or hunt dragonballs: this MUD has it all! The immersive battle system is challenging but rewarding. You will learn new abilities by killing specific mobs and get rewards for completing quests (such as hunting down the ginyu force, or hunting down the legendary Broly to learn how to become a Legendary Super Saiyan).

Our staff at DragonballZ: FE MUD will help you if you have any questions. Feel free to ask over OOC. When starting your first character, don't forget to read through helpfiles such as 'help newbie', 'help combat', and 'help combat2' to get you started!


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