I Made A Dungeon!

by Hedgemistress
Rogue-like action! Child-like graphics! [More]

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Date added: Mar 30 2015
Last updated: Apr 20 2015
Last played: Apr 4 2015
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I Made A Dungeon! is a multiplayer retro throwback rogue-like game using graphics reminiscent of old-style ANSI graphics common to DOS games.

IMAD! creates dungeons consisting of individual one-screen rooms connected using a tailor-made version of Prim's algorithm for maze generation. Special locations are randomly seeded through the dungeon. One room may be a vampire's crypt, another a temple to a forgotten god, and still another may be the lair of a ferocious dragon.

While the maze generator guarantees that every room on every level can be reached from every other room, local conditions such as collapsed floors or hidden traps might make navigating between Point A and Point B a little more complicated. Such complications become more common the deeper into the dungeon you descend.

Current Features

  • Generate dungeons as small as 15x15 screens across and one level deep, or as large as your hardware can handle!
  • Create and save multiple dungeons.
  • Move in four directions with the WASD keys, attack in eight with the arrow keys!
  • Get killed by a dragon or some skeletons with swords, probably!
  • Item and spell system, with single-keypress activation for both.
  • Customize your character's color and facial features.
  • Character classes with level-based multiclassing.

Upcoming Features

  • Special dungeon biomes.
  • Portals for shunting characters between dungeons on the same server.
  • PVP settings tailored for the whole map, or only certain levels of the dungeon.
  • Map editor!