Dragon ball GT : Rise and Fall

by Hellzone
Welcome To Dragon ball GT : Rise and Fall, This Game is all about having fun so not everything will be 100% dbz by the book, If you have any questions please ask in game or you can leave it on the fourm [More]

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Version Version 0.9
Date added: Dec 16 2008
Last updated: May 3 2015
Last played: Jan 29 2010
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WARNING: This is a FAN MADE game. Some Races, Attacks, Transformations, ect. are NOT REAL in any way. They are there for the fun of the game. This game is also about AF, GT, Z, and GT are official Dragonball series although AF is NOT! Keep this in mind as you play this game. Somethings may appear different than expected. So Please Enjoy Your Stay and Have A Good Time.

If at any point the game goes down and does not come up after 30 seconds please copy this into your browser and hit enter and once the server monitor loads click check server and it will bring it back up (byond://

Welcome To Dragon Ball GT : Rise And Fall
This game is still being updated but its a very good Dragon Ball Z game I hope You all like it.

Train hard to be the best and the strongest Person alive Be the best!

Player Rules
1:No spamming
2: No asking for revives by gm's
3:NO asking for dbs from the gm's
4:No killing dead people, or spam killing
5:No disrespecting a Player
6: No disrespecting a Gm
7:No SafeZone Killing
All of the player rules goes for gm's as well.

Gm Rules:
1.No editing
2.No summoning dragonballs
3.No disrespecting any gm lower or higher than ur position
4.No booting and muting and baning without a good enough reason.
Abusing covers it.

Owner : Hellzone
Co Owner : Cottle88 & Pud99
Council Warlord : Teen Goku 17 & Chaosthorn
Council Overlord : Alihafezi & Xavril
Council Apprentice : Light Master Kid & Kage
Council Assistant : Dtwon & D Skill D
Council Member :
Council Inductee :

Hosted by Zen Hosting: (http://dbzenhosting.com) 24/7 Shell Server

Special Thanks to Xavril for buying us a year of hosting, And a big thanks to Son Delon for all the icon work he has done, And Rhinst for working on the SSJ Project.

We are In no need of gm's Right now But if You want You can still apply.

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Tadahshi: (Dec 24 2011, 9:35 am)
This was the first DBZ game I ever played, and was one of the most memorable. I remember teaming up with my Saiyan buddy and training for days on end then progressing to become the best on the game. This was before I discovered Speeder/Auto clicker too.

Classic ~
Dtwon: (Feb 1 2010, 4:11 pm)
What Happened To The Game? Why Has It Been Down So Long?
Kyran29: (May 5 2009, 2:28 pm)
Thunderfist: (Apr 15 2009, 5:19 pm)
can you give us a list of what you recently updated (like on the forums or something) so we won't keep bugging you?