Naruto: The Shinobi Dream

Naruto: The Shinobi Dream
A Game created by IMTHEBADEST(Shinobi the Flash). [More]

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Date added: Nov 1 2009
Last updated: Jul 24 2023
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.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream ::.

.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream Administration::.


Current Owner:

Previous Owner:

Previous Co Owner:

System Administrators(Level 3 Admin)

Game Administrators(Level 2 Admin)

Game Moderators(Level 1 Admin)

Main Coder:
Kyubikitsune(New Coder)(Key)

Backup coders:

Hub Designer:
Tammer(Dead Bones)(Key)


Backup Mapper:


Backup Iconners:

Kyubikitsune(New Host)(Key)

Backup Host:

.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream Rules And Regulations::.

Do not ask for GM. If you wish to receive an evaluation, apply on the forums and I or another forum Admin will look over your application.

Do not complain if you are killed. It's a PVP(PlayerVs.Player) game. If you get owned, don't get mad, get even.

Respect every player. Arguments are natural, but purposeful harassment will not be tolerated. First offense is mute. Second is jail/mute. Third, is a 5hour ban.

Don't spam in OOC. Spam is annoying and useless. You will be muted. And continually making new characters to spam will result in an IP ban.

I don't care if you advertise a game or link. Its up to the people to follow you wherever you want them to go. But, we'll ban you if we find you dissing this game in your advertisement.

Don't attack ANYONE AT ALL in Academies.

Code Master(NPC) will require an SA+ to toggle your permission var. Only SA+ have the verb, So don't ask anyone of lower ranking.

Do not ask for chunin. There is an automatic exam. Chunin exams are held every 45minutes. Please wait with patience and don't complain.

Don't bother owners! The ranks GM,GA, and SA were created because owners have more important jobs to do than figure out who spammed who. Although the staff do a lot of work, the Owners are who keep the game running smoothly. If you see an owner, you know they're either a mapper, coder, or iconner.

Do not kill a staff member who appears next to you or summons you on business. Stand still and let them finish their observation, They work to help you(But kill them when they're done and you get a cookie ;D)

Do not use crazy HTML in your text, you will be muted. An excessive amount of this, and HTML tags will be removed from the game.

Weapons, uniforms, and anything else pertaining to specific organization or village leaders will be coded as unable to pick up if you aren't the correct rank or village, But if I miss any, please tell a GM+, or make a report in-game. If you are found with one of the objects that don't belong to you, you will lose 10k levels, and your inventory wiped.

I am currently working on a system where you can't spam jutsus, but in the meantime, try your best not to spam, I will accept it in a 1v1 battle, but if your rampaging every village spamming homing and aoe's, Your jutsu will be taken. The amount of time you lose your jutsu is at the discretion of the staff member that took it.

I can't really tell you that you can't boost yourself, Most boosts are coded so you can't stack, but not all of them are. Just try to fight fair, the requirements for things that need to be obtained in-game by killing are not very high at all. So there really is no reason to boost so high that nothing can kill you.

Above all, have a good time, play fair, and don't be stingy.

.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream GM Rules And Regulations ::.

Here's the thing GMs. If you've been selected as an SA(The only rank lower than Owner that gets edit), then I trust you. As long as you record EVERYTHING you do, you (basically)can't get in trouble. Lectured? Yes, but not fired. Do NOT be afraid to use your verbs, and that goes for ALL staff. I mean obviously if your being an idiot, and banning/editing stats left and right, your going to get demoted/fired. But, USE your enforcer verbs.

Now, don't go and make up ridiculous rules like 'you can't do that cause I said so'. But if they're doing something you think isn't right, do what you think is fair, and LOG it into the ADMIN LOGS.

3. Death verb has been removed from the source.

4. Announce is fun to use... for you. Don't use it every time you want to talk. I'll eventually make a separate announce verbs that looks like OOC talk but sticks out for staff.

5. Keep order, but at the same time be fun. This is why I hired you, because I believe you have exceptional skills beyond that of regular players.

Don't show favoritism. If you must, do it on another game. As staff, you are required to help everyone. You can have friends, you just can't use verbs on them that you wouldn't on regular players.

You may enter tournaments, events, and accept prizes, but only if that event is NOT hosted by you yourself.

Don't edit your stats, level, or Skill Points. Just because your part of the staff, it doesn't mean that you need to be indestructible.

.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream Requirements::.

Rank Requirements:

As for village ranks, they're given either by a kage at requirements the respective kage chooses, or by missions.

GM Requirements

Post an application on the Forums, a template will be provided.

Kage Requirements:

Have at least 2 caps

Be at or at least around level 100k(100,000)

I can't really make this a requirement, but would suggest going for the kage position in a village that likes you. Still on the fence about making kage positions a voting/impeaching process. Purely player based.
on another note, NONE of the staff is mandated to give you a rank. If they make a deal with you, that is another thing, but they cannot be forced to give you a position.

As for kage challenges, A kage has to accept at least 1 challenge per day. The challenge guidelines are as follows:

With an SA or higher, observing the fight, there will be a 5 round arena challenge. with the following layout.
Round 1: TaiJutsu only, no boost(s).
Round 2. NinJutsu only, no boost(s).
Round 3. TaiJutsu only, boost(s) allowed. Round 4. NinJutsu only, boosts allowed.
Round 5. NinJutsu, TaiJutsu, boost(s) allowed.

No Freezes, No blinds, and No Invisibility in any round.


.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream Clans::.

Current Clans(Main Clans):

All Clans Marked with Original were Coded by Shinobi the Flash and therefor are incredibly epic. Give them a try! Clans with a * before their name were NOT created but UPDATED by Kyubikitsune.

Aburame(Bug User)
Senju(Wood Type Clan)
Konan(Paper Master)
Nara(Shadow Master)
Sasori(Puppet Master)
Haku(Ice Type)
Gaara(Sand User)
Akimichi(Body Size clan)
Kakuzu(All Nature Type Clan)
Kankuro(Puppet Master)
Kaguya(Bone Clan)
Inuzuka(Dog User)
Tenten(Weapon Master)
Karama(Kurenai, Genjutsu user)
*Third Kazekage(Original)


.::Naruto: The Shinobi Dream Credits::.

~Thankyou all for your help and consideration~
Credits before Kyubikitsune
IMTHEBADEST --> Original Owner, Coding, mapping, GFX, Iconning, and skining.
Genforge --> Mapping and all other contributions he made.
Everyone else that I don't know of.
Credits since Kyubikitsune
Kyubikitsune --> Coding, and mapping
Cheerios --> Iconning and Mapping

Other great games!
Naruto Shinobi Warriors also by IMTHEBADEST. Great owners, and Staff. Has a good player base, never any fighting or abuse. Has a very good PvP system. Thumbs Up.
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Kyubikitsune: (Aug 31 2013, 8:40 pm)
To all of the 400+ fans, Thank you very much for faning this game. I want to give a big thanks to IMTHEBADEST(Shinobi the Flash), and all that gave a helping hand, for creating this production. As of August 2013 I, Kyubikitsune, am the current owner of the incredible, Naruto: The Shinobi Dream. It will be a few months before I will finish the game and start hosting it, but that's because I plan on spending many many hours in the next 3-4 months, bringing Naruto: The Shinobi Dream, to it's fullest potential. There will be an update on current clans, new clans, new maps, new systems, new jutsus, and many many more things. Although it may take 3-4 months, I hope to be done by November 2nd, the 4th year anniversary of NTSD's creation.
I'm excited to code Naruto: The Shinobi Dream, and proud to say it. I must admit, IMTHEBADEST is an excellent coder, and far, far better than I am, But I hope to make the NTSD players proud. I can't do it by myself though. I need a team. Every good coder has a team. Even IMTHEBADEST with his new game has a team. So, people of NTSD, do your part and help the game grow. I need Mappers, Iconners, and GFX Artists. Everything will be worked on through teamviewer, and aside from Genforge and IMTHEBADEST himself(if they decide to give a hand here and there), the source will not be given to anyone. So, If you can code, map, icon, or GFX, and are interested on working through TeamViewer, page Kyubikitsune. Thankyou everyone :).
IMTHEBADEST: (Jun 4 2010, 8:24 pm)
Ernesto5432 wrote:
Uh...Just wondering...but do you mind giving atleast some, you know, Mysterio?(If you check my BYOND Member site, you can understand why I ask.)

That being mentioned, Yeah, I have givin Mysterio His credit for the original source. As well as those who worked on it. Though, most of that work is gone now. I do appreciate you
Seanandnick: (Mar 13 2010, 6:15 am)
this game is cool i guess
Seanandnick: (Mar 13 2010, 6:15 am)
:O hi
Ernesto5432: (Feb 28 2010, 2:08 pm)
Not saying this game is a rip...I allowed people to use long as I get credit for my ideas.