Bleach Liberación Espada

by Isenggard
Bleach Liberación Espada
Bleach Based Game. [More]

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Bleach Liberacion Espada is a bleach based game which really lets you feel like your in the bleach world. Experience awesome challenges and cool moves from the show.

Shinigami are gods of death. You can become one by training as a soul and entering the Soul academy In Soul Society. Or slowly gain spirit power by going to Urahara for training and facing Hollow and interacting with spirits.
The Purpose of the Shinigami is to slay Hollow and guide souls to soul society. Shinigami also server the 13 protection squads and do missions and train other shinigami.

The Quincy is a rare race of Humans. They use spirit particles as their main source of their power. In order to become a Quincy you will either have to be born as one as a human though your chances of that are 1/10. or Train with Ishida non-stop till your stamina is down to 0 and then get shot a few inches above the heart by a quincy arrow. Quincy are the only race that can sense spiritual energy. While sensing the names under players change color depending on race. If player is a shinigami then the quincy will see his name in red. If the player is a hollow then his name will be gray. while only the quincy can see diff color names every other human can see only names in blue.

Humans have no special powers at all. you can choose to become a shinigami or a quincy if your born as a human, but on the slight chance that your born as a quincy or shinigami are slim. normal humans can't see spirits or shinigami. some humans are born with that awareness and don't have to do too much training in order to become a shinigami or quincy. regular humans who don't posses any spirit power at all can't see anything. You will have to add that on the list of training when becoming either a quincy or Shinigami.
If a Human dies his soul will be left on earth. you will after a two min roam time walking on earth have a choice if you wanna pass on to soul society or not. If you choose to stay on earth. you bear the chance of getting devoured by a hollow and becoming one yourself. Or find a shinigami who can perform soul burial so they can pass you on to the next life. If you become a Hollow you will have the chance of becoming a soul if your slayed by a shinigami. If your a hollow and kill another hollow or get killed by quincy then you will no longer have the option of ever becoming a soul again. Humans who pass on as a soul to Soul Society Have the option of Returning to earth as you were before(except with spiritual awareness if you didn't have that before. or enter the Soul Academy to become a Shinigami and join the 13 protection squads(you can not join if your a human shinigami)

Souls have the same freedom and everything just like Humans do. the only difference is that you can not become a quincy. your only option as a soul is to either join the shinigami or go back to the real world and become a human. You do run the risk of getting attacked by hollow as a soul too. The fact that you are aware of Hollow as a soul means you have more of a chance of getting attacked then you do as a human on earth.

Hollow are creatures who feed off of souls.
to become one you must get devoured by a hollow. In order to become stronger then a plain Hollow you will need to eat 50 human souls and 1 Shinigami soul to become a menos. Once your a menos grande you will need to eat other menos grande in order to obtain even higher lvl...the amount needed is unknown and the level needed is unknown...once gained new power you will unlock power beyond imagination. find your way to Los Noches and seek out the power you want to become the most powerful hollow or even arrancar.

This was a brief summery of the different races. Please be patient as the game takes it's time to input all the moves and levels.