Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

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Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
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Dragon Ball - The pure, uncut, unadulterated action of intense fist fighting, ki-slinging, and the huge amounts of ham going between a beloved hero and a wicked villain- From General Red to Majin Buu.

Don't pull any punches - throw them at full strength as you join this alternate universe of Dragon Ball: Play the role of a Saiyan survivor, Bio Android from the future, an Icer warlord, and more.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Make your character, and start YOUR personal martial arts journey and become the greatest power in the universe- either for good, or for evil.

Just never stop moving is all the advice you need.


What you can expect from DBZOU:

Train to become the Strongest in the Universe - Automatic training is for those without spirit! Take part in anything between minigames for lifting weights and timing your ki blast deflections, to fighting bad guys out on the field to prove supreme and grow in power!

Combat Complexity - Take on foes with martial arts or ki techniques- just don't forget to strategize and block, guard break, and pull your feints properly! Combat is going to be fairly active (as it should be!) and some baddies will throw you a curveball once in a while, so stay sharp!

Hone your Skills - Take your time mastering the many techniques from the show from both heroes and villains alike- Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Special Beam Cannon, Death Beam, and more! Make use of what you learn and improve upon it; because the world around you is constantly changing. How you'll improve them is, as always, up to you.

Party Content - Team up with friends to take on a slew of group based content:

Delve into dungeon scenarios - Go into instances with power limitations (so you can't just solo everything) to fight foes at their true strength - and reap the rewards for doing so! Just don't forget to bring friends and develop a team strategy. A reckless bunch won't beat the likes of Frieza!

Roam around the world on your own time and see what you can find to do - The Dragon Balls are always ready to be found and Shenron is ready to grant your wish...

Free roam not good enough? Don't really want to be your own Super Saiyan? Partake in the Saga system and become a Roleplay character to fight against your foes in pre-made tests of skill: Can you truly defeat Raditz and save Gohan? Will you stop Cell from destroying Earth?

It hinges on you to do so.

Have too many friends? Organize a guild with your friends so you've got easy access to who's online and establish your hierarchy. Plan events with your guildmates and enjoy the game together - Whether you want to be a league of heroes, a rogues' gallery, or a yin-yang is up to who you want to join your guild.

However, last but not least:

Transform and unleash your true powers - Super Saiyan wasn't easy to achieve for Vegeta, and Goku only got it out of rage for his best friend's death. Transformations will be harder to obtain for just about any race- but like Techniques, they can be improved with use and time. How you'll obtain them will be an unknown... Will you have to battle Frieza as Goku? Engage a very strong opponent and underdog your way to a new level? Your hand won't be held in terms of becoming the first Super Saiyan, Mystic, or otherwise.

Ultimately; do not rely on transforming to be your key to winning. Sharpen your skills, and become strong without needing extra power- a crutch will not hold you forever.

That being said?

Come on in. Let's fight!

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