Shin Itsuki Saga

by King-manga-man
Shin Itsuki Saga
Fun and 100% original game by Jonaz and Troj. [More]

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Version 1.01
Date added: Jul 9 2011
Last updated: Feb 22 2015
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Shin Itsuki Saga. DAEMON HUNTERS
The tide of daemons was crushed by Alexander and his great sword Balmung and it's been 5 cycles since then and the planet of Gratis has prospered since then, But you've heard whispers during your training at "The Order", your daily training regiments littered with here say of daemons reappearing, Suddenly the skies darken and the world begins to shake, Erupting from the ground and spewing forth are the legions of Hell, daemons and monsters alike. You and the other members of your order have the necessary skills to vanquish the Daemons, the time to act is now, become the ultimate DAEMON HUNTER!

Jonaz here just letting you know that whilst i lost the original source to this game I am going to en-devour to make sure that this game sees the light of day!

Jonaz Aka King-manga-man - Owner - Pixel Artist/Mapper.

Art & Environment - 10%
Script & Mechanics - 0%
Storyline - 15%

1. No adult links in any way shape of form - boot then ip ban if repeated.
2. No spam of any sort (this includes logining in spam OCC togle spam, asking bout p-wipes constantly, whispering, killing and etc...) - boot then ban if repeated.
3. No advertising other games - ip ban.
4. No language that could be considered racist, sexist and etc... keep swearing to a minimum - mute then boot then ban if repeated.
5. No constant use of caps lock in chat channels - mute.
6. No disrespecting GMs - mute if continued banned.
7. No abuse of bugs. If you find one report it on the forum instantly - ban if your found abusing

Copyright 2015 Jonathan Surtees. All images and content copyright of the respective owners. Any similarities between this game and any other games is purely coincidental and in no way purposefully intended.


Xyberman: (Feb 23 2015, 5:19 am)
Story line is a nice it could use abit of beefing up tho ...but it's nice lol.
King-manga-man: (Feb 22 2015, 3:38 am)
Just some quick news on the status of this, I've been wondering how this project should proceed for awhile now, ever since i lost the original source along with all of my progress, I'm happy to tell you all that i will be starting fresh and putting my free time into making sure this game see's the light of day, I've changed to story line a little, feel free to read the description on the hub and tell me how you feel about it!
Xyberman: (Oct 18 2013, 3:18 pm)
whats going on with this bro XD
Turboskill: (Aug 27 2013, 2:48 pm)
Status Update?
Cyberlord84: (Jul 8 2012, 7:47 pm)
This still happening?