Naruto: Rebirth of the Fox

by Lil Bop
Naruto: Rebirth of the Fox
Great Naruto Game Based off NKV non Rip!!! Enjoy!! [More]

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Date added: Mar 19 2010
Last updated: Dec 9 2011
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Game Moderators
Owner/Coder/Iconner/Mapper/GFX Artist/Hub Designer: Lil Bop
Main Iconner/Forum Creator: Lil Bop
Co-Owner: Gekido
Host: Lil Bop
Head Admin: ~
Admin 1: Naruto-9Tailedfox
Admin 2: ~
Admin 3: ~
Enforcer 1: ~
Enforcer 2: ~
All other gm positions are open.


1. Respect the GMs, decisions they make, and fellow players.
Punishments-Warn/Boot/Mute/Jail/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)
2. English in OOC!
Punishments-Warn/Boot/Mute/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)
3. No caps in OOC. Punishments-Warn/Mute/Jail/Ban
4. No spamming, advertising, or inappropriate links in ANY CHAT CHANNEL.
5. No Non PK killing.
6. No bug abusing.
Punishment-Pwipe/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)
7. No student killing.
Punishments-Warn/If excessive killling of students, Jail/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)
Punishments-Pwipe of one or both characters/ban
9. NO afk training.
Punishments-Warn, Boot, Jail, Pwipe, Ban
10. No teleport or summoning killing.
Punishments- If you are a kage, you will be stripped/banned. If you are a player you will be jailed/banned. If you are a gm, your punishment will be decided by the owner.
11. Do not ask for summons. Gms are not taxi's.
12. No recreating for demon or cs.
Punishments-Warn and Boot(If you got a demon by mass remaking your getting booted),Ban
13. No multiclanning.
Punishments-Pwipe, Ban(decided by an owner/co-owner)

1. If you are absent for 3 days without a gm's notice, you will be stripped of kage/leader.
2. If you abuse your verbs, you shall be stripped/banned/pwiped depending on the owner's or co-owner's decision.
3. Kages must approve challenges for a rank(anbu,anbu cap, etc.). The kage may deny a rank challenge if and only if there has already been one rank challenge that day.
4. If you boot a villager for no reason or because they have challenged you for kage/leader you will be stripped.
5. You may not be challenged for kage/leader until 5 days after you have recieved that rank. You can accept a challenge prior to this if you wish. You must have the owner or a co-owner spectating this challenge.
6. If an organization is full, a player may ask for a challenge. If someone asks for a challenge, the leader may deny it only if there has been one challenge that day. The leader may also choose who will fight the player requesting the challenge. If the org member loses the fight, then the org member is booted. If not the leader will be stripped/pwiped/banned.
7. The leader or coleader of an organization can not be challenged until 5 days after recieving the rank, unless they accept the challenge prior to the challenge, a co-owner or owner must watch this match, and the leader can only be challenged by org members.
8. The rules for a rank fight for kage, anbu, sannin, leader, or co-leader may be changed only if both the challenger and the one being challenged agree to the rule change. Otherwise the challenger and the one being challenged will follow the chunnin rules.

Chunnin Exam
1. A chunnin exam will be held only if 3 or more genin are on.
2. A kage or gm may decide to give a chunnin mission to a genin. The mission must not be something simple.
3. All gennin must follow the chunnin rules which come up when you enter the chunnin arena.

1. If you abuse your verbs, you will be stripped/banned no matter what you have done for the game.
2. Do not use your position to harass players.
3. All player and kage/leader rules apply to the gms.
4. Do not give any player special treatment.
5. Ban should only be used if the person is excessively breaking the rules or there is no owner or co-owner on and it cannot wait for one to get on.
-----------Hand Seals----------
Village Jutsu
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leaf Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Katon Housenka = 2tiger
Fire Armor = 3dragon and 1snake
Katon Goukakyuu = 1tiget and 1dog
Katon Karyuu Endan = 3drigan and 1tiger
Katon Ryuuka = 2dragon
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Grass Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Katon Housenka = 2tiger
Fire Armor = 3dragon and 1snake
Katon heki = 1boar and 3ox
Karyuudan = 1dragon and 3ox
Katon Goukakyuu = 1tiget and 1dog
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mist Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Suirou No Jutsu = 3monkey and 1tiger
Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu = 3monkey and 1dragon
Suiton Suikoudan no Jutsu = 3monkey and 1rabbit
Kirigakure no Jutsu = 2monkey and 1bird
Mist Armor = 3monkey and 1ox
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Snow Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Makyou Suikoudan no Jutsu = 3monkey and 1tiger
Makyou Suiryuudan no Jutsu = 3monkey and 1dragon
Ice Armor = 2monkey and 1ox =
Makyou Hyoushou = 2monkey and 1rabbit
Futagoza No Jutsu = 3rabbit and 1rat
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rain Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu = 1tiger and 3snake
Suiton Doryuudan = 1boar and 3 snake
Rain Armor = 1ox and 3snake
Suiton Bunshin nojutsu = 1bird and 3snake
Jouro Senban = 3snake and 1dog
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Waterfall Village~~~~~~~~~~~~
Suishouha = 1monkey and 3rat
Suiton Suishouha = 1dragon and 3rat
Suiton Kyuu = 1tiger and 3rat
Suiton Sousou = 1dog and 3rat
Suiton Armor = 3rat and 1ox
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stone Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Doton Doryo Dango = 3hourse and 1ram
Doton Doryuu heki = 3hourses and 1bird
Doroudorno = 1ox and 3hourse
Doton Sousou = 3hourse and 1tiger
Doton Kyuu = 3hourse and 1tiger
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cloud Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Raikyuu = 3rat and 1tiger
Rai = 3rat and 1ox
Rairyuu No Tatsumaki = 3rat and 1boar
Ikazuchi No Kiba = 3rat and 1ram
Cloud Summons = 3rat and 1bired
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sand Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fuuton Kaze Dangan = 3boar and 1tiger
Fly = 3boar and 1bird
Ninpou Kamaitachi = 3boar and 1dragon
Fuuton Renkuudan = 3boar and 1dog
Fuuton Daitoppa = 3boar and 1snake
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sound Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Zankuuha = 3bird and 1tiger
Seneijashu = 3bired and 1snake
Zan Armor = 3bired and 1ox
Zankyokukuuha = 3bird and 1ram
Kyoumeisen = 3bird and 1rabbit
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Star Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Flight = 2 bird and 1 ox
Kage Teleport = 2 bird and 1 ram
Star Aura = 2 bird and 1 dragon
Star Dragon = 3 bird and 1 snake
Kujaku Myouhou = 2 bird and 2 dog
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dark Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dark Aura = 3 ram and 1 bird
Yami Shuuha = 2 rat and 2 bird
Shadow fists = 1 boar and 3 bird
Yami Teleport = 3 dragon and 1 bird
Yami Heki = 2 horse and 2 bird
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sun Village~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sun Aura = 3 ram and 1 ox
Sun Dragon = 3 dog and 1 ox
Taiyou Heki = 2 rat and 2 ox
Taiyou Goukakyuu = 1 tiger and 3 ox
Combustion = 2 rabbit and 2 ox
Mei Mei = 100 henge and 2snake
Shunshin = 100 Kawarmi and 2ox
Rasengan = 3rabbit and 1ram
Chidori = 3rabbit and 1horse

Akatsuki is allowed 1 leader, 1 coleader, and 8 members.

Sound Org. is allowed 1 leader, 1 coleader, and 3 members.
SSM is allowed 1 leader, 1 Co-leader and 5 members.

10 Anbu's are allowed per village
1 Anbu Cap is allowed per village
3 Sannin are allowed per village


Genin-Pass Genin Exam
Chunnin-Win chunnin exam or complete chunnin mission
Jounin-Cap Chunnin
Hunter-50 missing kills and Cap Jounin
Anbu-Kage decides
Anbu-Cap-Kage decides
Kage- Tourney
Leader- Tourney


Rookie556: (Apr 10 2012, 8:54 am)
If you would like i will be one of the admins for you. If you have a forum may i get the HTML please? If you don't have a forum I have two accounts this one Rookie556 or Arthamas If you need my Email address it is [email protected] thx for viewing this :)
Rookie556: (Apr 10 2012, 8:44 am)
and i could play :D
Gftamejunkie: (Jan 22 2012, 7:14 am)
I could host.
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Why'd you stop hosting ? D:
Evilshadow01: (Nov 28 2011, 5:20 am)
i miss the game