Bleach:Espada körnigeres

by Lilmangee
Bleach:Espada körnigeres
If u have any bleach sources please send it to me becuase i want dis game to be able to played by the public againe [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2009
Date added: Jun 8 2009
Last updated: Apr 10 2011
Last played: Apr 9 2010
8 fans

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_______Welcome Bleach:Espada körnigeres______



Owner/Best friend:Max6

Owner/Source/Best friend:Thomas kenpachi

_______________squad1 Captain{open}___________

_______________Squad2 Captain(Open)___________

______________Squad3 Captain:Lilmangee_________

_____________Squad4 Captain(Open)______________

_____________Squad5 Captain(Open)______________

_____________Squad6 Captain(Open)______________

_____________Squad7 Captain(Open)______________

_____________Squad8 Captain(Open)______________

_____________Squad9 Captain(open)______________

_____________Squad10 Captain(Open)_____________

_____________Squad11 Captain(open)_____________

_____________Squad12 Captain(open)_____________

_____________Squad13 Captain(open)_____________


______________Arrancar 1(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 2(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 3(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 4(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 5(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 6(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 7(open)_________________

______________Arrancar 8(open)_________________

Rules for Player's
1) No spaming
2)no begging apply on froums
3)dont beg for teleport its up to a Gm ifhe want to
4)if gm dosent help u with anything tell owner if owner isnt on wait for him
5)dont keep killing noobs
Gm Rulez

1) dont be mean if some one needs help help them
2)Dont bug for promotes
3)dont ignore players
4)try to play game to help players
_________All gm spots open___

Thank Thomas Kenpachi for source

Thank Wolf for froums.

And Thank Lilmangee for Makeing thes game Happend.