Naruto: Fated Bonds

by Mike4593
The Much Anticipated Sequel to NTFB! [More]

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Date added: Mar 16 2017
Last updated: May 7 2017
Last played: Apr 27 2017
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About NFB:
Naruto Izou was released around 2003 and featured few villages and clans, but what was most liked about the game was a Stat Point system. The source was passed to Matt, and in October of 2006, Naruto The Final Battle was published. It featured systems adopted from Izou and improved upon it. Eventually, it became drastically different from Izou aside from a few turf icons, but because of life events, Matt could no longer keep focus the game. He released the source and a new group have come together to continue expanding on the systems in place to create the next big game based on the popular anime, Naruto: Fated Bonds!

MELLO - Game Mechanic Designer
GILLZ - Head Administrator
LAZARO - Administrator
QUATTRO - Iconner

Matt - NTFB Programmer
Kalak - NTFB Iconner
Kitty - Assisted Programming
Isashu - Submitted Icons
Hydra - Submitted Icons
Reddeye - Submitted Icons
Daniil - Submitted Icons
Treak - Submitted Icons
Moon - Submitted Icons
Kuni - Submitted Icons
XzDog- Izou Programmer
NeoAce - Izou Iconner
Branks - Original Izou Iconner
Malkortia - Original Izou Iconner

1: Do not disrespect a player or staff
2: Comply to the requests of the staff, if a player feels wronged they can report it on the forum
3. Do not abuse bugs, they must be reported
4. Do not attack in safe zones or use exploits that allows you to do so
5. Do not spam OOC
6. Speak only English in OOC, other languages may be spoken in Say, Village Chat, and Squad Chat
7: Do not ask for edits or items
8. Do not ask for a staff position, you may apply on the forum
9. Do not share reqs for secret content
10. Do not abuse Contact GM, it is to be used for reporting bugs and players who are breaking rules
11. Do not disturb the staff if they appear to be performing a duty
12. Do not AFK train or use third party programs to assist in training
13. Do not avoid punishment issued by the staff
14. If a player is in need of assistance, the player needs to state so in OOC and the staff will report to them as soon as possible
15. Kages will be appointed by a joint decision of the staff for players who meet the requirements
16. Leaders must give notice in advance if they will be unable to be online for a period of time
17. Do not block hospital and academy pathways
18. A player is not allowed to post URLs in the OOC. If a player posts a URL that leads to adult or disturbing content, or another BYOND game, they will be banned immediately
19. Advertising is only allowed by staff

Notes: Please read the rules when you enter the game! We do not give boosts to those who rank the game, please do not ask.

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Bearredjordan: (May 2 2017, 6:54 am)
Tavren wrote:
First Impression 5/10
Update Graphics(These are like 2002 graphics), Replace the color picker(The one you use is since the begining of time), rework interface(This same interface has been used so many times it burns my eyes), and lastly re-program this game, I can already tell its poorly programming impacts gameplay. Community seems nice.

After Gameplay 7/10

Game play is smooth, minor icon and lag issues but nothing major. Training is interactive which keeps things not boring. Try to check the "rewind" option on your pixel art stats to fix the weird movement for bases. Community is a 9/10. As stated before a complete visual rework would make this game very fun to play. Add in cross movement and look for programming that can be shortened(Without loosing the effect of the programming) and reduce or remove programming that creates huge files. So overall game is a 7/10. This game has alot of potential and I am excited to see what comes of it in the future.

This game is worth trying out. Its content is going strong. And will be improving from what it see

Nice review!
Bearredjordan: (May 2 2017, 6:53 am)
SBLazlo wrote:
i agree with Dnahelix7, stfu and move onto a different game. but please put the game back up asap

Its just his opinion on the game. Everyone has them you know?
SBLazlo: (Apr 20 2017, 3:56 am)
i agree with Dnahelix7, stfu and move onto a different game. but please put the game back up asap
Dnahelix7: (Apr 15 2017, 8:52 pm)
Who the fuck is this kid? The yelp of byond?
Or123: (Apr 4 2017, 2:10 pm)
why the game isn't up?