Naruto:Forgotten Dreams

by MikeyM14
Naruto:Forgotten Dreams
A new Naruto/Bleach game. With all Bleach clans done and mostly all naruto all spots are open and we're looking for staff that can help out. [More]

Currently Unavailable

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Date added: Nov 20 2007
Last updated: Jul 21 2008
Last played: May 15 2009
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....:::Welcome to Naruto : Forgotten Dreams:::...


1.No Spamming
2.No Disrespecting Players or Staff
3.Don't abuse any bugs or glitches if you notice a bug then alert the staff and they'll fix it.
4.Don't ask the staff for free things (Edits,Kage,GM,etc..)
5. No Abusing GM Help Verb or risk ban.
6.Don't avoid punishments
7.No Death Avoiding
8.No Spam killing or spwn killing.
9.Also if you suspect that your doing the wrong thing even if it's not on the hub don't try to act like you didn't break a rule.

1.No Editing Players.
2.No Abusing your powers.
3.No HTML in your name unless your given permission.
4.No Abusing Create So That Your don't have to get off your lazy ass and go to the shop.
5.No summon/tele killing.
6.Don't disrespect players just because you have more power than them. If a player is disrespected by a gm they have the right to disrespect them back.
7.Don't abuse your powers on a player just because you had problems with them on another game (Risk your verbs).

Amekage - none
Hokage - none
Kazekage - none
Enukage - none
Fumakage - none
Hoshikage - none
Mizukage - none
Otokage - none
Raikage - none
Sorukage - none
Tsuchikage - none

Leader - none
Co Leader - none
Member 1 - none
Member 2 - none
Member 3 - none
Member 4 - none
Member 5 - none
Member 6 - none
Member 7 - none
Member 8 - none
Member 9 - none

Leader - none
Co Leader - none
Member 1 - none
Member 2 - none
Member 3 - none
Member 4 - none
Member 5 - none

Squad 1 Captain - none
Squad 2 Captain - none
Squad 3 Captain - none
Squad 4 Captain - none
Squad 5 Captain - none
Squad 6 Captain - none
Squad 7 Captain - none
Squad 8 Captain - none
Squad 9 Captain - none
Squad 10 Captain - none
Squad 11 Captain - none
Squad 12 Captain - none
Squad 13 Captain - none

Hueco Mundo Leader - none
Espada 1 - none
Espada 2 - none
Espada 3 - none
Espada 4 - none
Espada 5 - none
Espada 6 - none
Espada 7 - none
Esapda 8 - none
Espada 9 - none
Espada 10 - none

Welcome to Naruto: Forgotten Dreams. Enjoy your stay.
*Note*Thanks to Luna for the PoP Banners.