DBZ Onslaught v2

by Mr.Destruction
DBZ Onslaught v2
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To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://MrDestruction.DBZOnslaughtv2##version=2

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 2
Date added: Mar 24 2012
Last updated: Mar 26 2012
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1.[Saiyans] -An Extinct Race born To be strong Elite Warrior's. Hit there Enemies hardcore. Saiyan's are born with a Legendary Gift and Power that Strengthen's There Abilities and Capabilites. This is Known As Super Saiyan.[Unique Skills] -Final Flash- Final Shine.

2.[Half Saiyan] -Half Saiyans born through a Human And a Saiyan. There abilities are that of the Same equivalence to a Saiyan's and there relatively strong and can match up to a full-blooded saiyan power.
[Unique Skills] -Burning Attack -Super Masenko.

3.[Namekian] -Green Race born from Namek. Nuff Said.
[Unique Skills] -Hellzone Grenade -Special Beam Cannon.

4.[Yardratian] -Pink big brained Race with strong abilites and Knowledge over all that consumes the world. They are strong Warrior's and should not be brushed off or taken lightly.
[Unique Skills] -Ki Exhaust -Mind Blast.

5.[Kai] -A mystic race said to be born the strongest in other worlds. Have high spiritual power's and can look over the world from their own planet. As a kaioshin you must fight to get Stronger.
[Unique Skills] -Kai Force -Shockwave.

6.[Earthling] -An earthling is a human. They have gone through intense training, preparing their bodies for anything. They learned how to control the human's strength by turning off their brain's limiter. The limiter that limited a human from using their full power to avoid death has been deactivated and this race has taken full Control over it.
[Unique Skills] -Dodon Ray -Tri Beam Cannon.

7.[Changling] -An evil and deadly class born to slaughter all other races, Especially the "Saiyan Monkeys" They oh so Despise. Spaces scariest executers. A changling has 2 appearances. Freiza and Cooler. Choose which face you want your enemies to remember after you've sent them Straight down.
[Unique Skills] -Death Beam -Energy Disc.

8.[Majin] -A pure evil class made from the negative energy that resides around the earth.
[Unique Skills] -Mouth Blast -Destroy All Humans.

9.[Andriod] -Artificially altered human's created by Dr.Gero to be the Ultimate lifeforms. Created to annihalate all races in the world.
[Unique Skills] -Hellzone Blast [Similar to Hellzone grenade] -Hells Flash.

10.[Bebi] -A Dragonball GT Exclusive race Made for Fun. Bebi's have the Unique ability to steal the bodies of certain NPC's and make it their own. They also have the ability to force the body to release it's limit's and Force Transformation. Find a Certain Body and You'll experience A marvelous Secret.
[Unique Skills] -Dependent on the body they take over.

[Transformation's] Every race get's four Tran's. 1st Tran's - lvl 25 - 2nd Tran's - lvl 75 - 3rd Tran's - lvl 125 - 4th Tran's - lvl 175. Every Tansformation gets the same boost no matter what Race you picked.

[Casino] -The Casino is a place where you can transfer your Zenni into Coins, which you use to play slot machines. You can buy random assortments of hats/clothes in all colors and much more in the very first room of the casino. Once you gather 300k Coins, you can purchase a 300k club card for a new room which you can earn even more coins in.

[Arena] -The arena is a building located in town on earth. It's a place for Player's to fight and test out their skills against each other through PvP. There are four match sites in the building and up to Eight people can fight, [2 at a time]. Player's must Both be standing in the gates and click the "Rdy" And "Go" Sign's. Then they will be Teleported to an Isolated Island to fight. You must be atleast lvl 100 to enter the Arena Building. Tournaments can be held up to 16 player's.


1.[Planet Earth] All -Races start off on earth and make their way around everywhere. Earth is has many quests that lead you into caves of mob's and boss's so be careful. Apart from questing, Earth features the Bank, Z-Mart, Gym, Hospital, Capsole Corp, Casino and the Arena. With all this, that makes Earth the biggest planet in the game.

2.[Planet Vegeta] -Home to the saiyan race. The birth place of all saiyans. Planet vegeta is full of saiyans from 3rd class to 1st class. The sea is red form all the blood shed wars done on this planet.

3.[Plant Yardrat] -Out of all the other planet's aside from planet Kaioshin, this planet is the most Ecofriendly. They welcome you humbly to their planet and do not attack you on first sight. There houses are small yet reserved and are really well made. The planet itself is small.

4.[Planet Kaioshin] -A peaceful planet that the kaioshin's live on. There are little to none of any kaioshin's on this planet and it serve's absolutely no purpose. There's no need to visit this planet except for a quest.

5.[Planet Namek] -Home to the Eternal Dragon Porunga, Summoned by the Namekian Dragonballs. Home to the Green race the Namekians. Overrun by Freiza and his henchmen.

6. [Planet Freiza 79] -This planet is full of purple and blue henchmen followed by Changling's who will be a challenge. The only boss on this planet is Cooler and he's not easy to take down. The planet is relatively
small and easy to manuever around if your flying.

7. [Planet M2] -Apon arrivl, to the North-East lies a little facility, it's full of robot's and mechanical object's. Deep within the core lies the Base of Operations where all the strong elite Robot's are manufactured. You'll have to infiltrate that base and keep yourself alive destroying all the robot's you see foiling Dr. Ridlo's plans for Total Domination.

8. [Planet Unknown] -Home to Bebi's race, Otherwise known as the "Tuffles'. The planet is full of corrupted humans taken over by the tuffles. The tuffles are a race that look exactly like bebi's. Their combat skills are limited, so they use Earthling's bodies, which can be recognized by their blazing red eyes.

9.[Planet Onyx] -Secret - Level 174

[Under Construction] Dragonballs[Earth] -Dragonballs[Namek] -Black Star Dragon Balls -Guild Base - Guild Wars -Shenrons/Saga.

[Concern's] -All other question's you may have can be answered by the Guide and Rule's OR by the Administrative Staff.

[Administrative Staff] -Owner Quaddow[In game name] -Quaddow -GW Kobe1 [In game name] -Kobe -GW LaNuiit [In game name] -LaNuiit -GM Sigie444 [In game name] -Sig -GM Mr.Destruction [In game name] -Boom -APP Sum [In game name] -Sum.

Now that you have taken a look at the description, it's time to Play!


CantBeBotheredToBeCreative: (Oct 13 2021, 4:40 am)
Hey Mr. Destruction. I'd like to host the game but i'd need to get in contact with you. My Discord is CxD1k#4918
Zezima94: (Apr 28 2021, 2:15 pm)
Would definitely love to see the return of this game.
Doniu: (Jan 21 2014, 3:57 am)
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It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
Wadabut: (Nov 3 2013, 2:19 pm)
Was this ever even up?
Lucero30: (Mar 20 2013, 7:43 pm)