Pokémon Online World

by Naokohiro
Pokémon Online World
Pokémon how it was meant to be. [More]

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Version 0.9 Alpha
Date added: Apr 4 2008
Last updated: Jul 17 2018
Last played: Sep 14 2018
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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After 6 years, it's back.

If you're experiencing issues logging in, try just waiting well over a minute on the BYOND game connecting screen. Some users are seeing success with that.

Also, try connecting directly to the server, if the hub connection fails.

Check the forums for updates.

Currently in Pre-Alpha version, here are some features you may not know of right away:

-Press Z when facing an NPC to talk with it.

-New Press Z when facing another player to challenge them to a battle.

-Click a Pokémon in the Pokémon list to view its stats.

-VERY COOL Drag and drop a Pokémon from your list to the floor next to your trainer icon to release it and have it follow you around. Click it to return it to its Poké Ball.

-Drag and drop Pokémon in the list onto other Pokémon in your party list and they will switch places to change the order of the list.

-Click another player to view their trainer card.

-If you hold the X key and then press an arrow key, your character will only change direction instead of moving in that direction.

-Press space to switch between chat and map focus.

You start the game with 5 Poké Balls.
There is a mart, but money is hard to come by, so be careful.

The clock in the game is based on the time in real life, but it is scaled so that a day in-game is only 12 hours long. This is to account for people with different time-zones.

Be sure to check out the Pokédex when you obtain Pokémon.

There are player vs. player battles and, you can view your wins, losses and ties on your trainer card. In addition, you get points for defeating other players, which advances your PVP Level.

Recent Medals


Earned by Dbztoy
Dec 9 2018, 10:39 am


Earned by Undefeated Saiyans
Nov 16 2018, 2:22 pm


XSky RiderX: (May 3 2023, 1:47 pm)
RIP to the game and the Discord it had. Always hoping for a comeback! I used to be a mod for this game, though I wasn't that active for the later half of this game's lifespan.

My Discord is Brenttro#9046 nowadays if anyone ever wanted to chat / reminisce / catch up.
AmeliaLH: (Nov 15 2022, 6:47 pm)
Not sure if anyone remembers me or will ever see this, but I was DARKANINE, the annoying kid on the server (who was also a boy then and now a girl). I don't want to pressure Naoko or anyone to re-host or anything but, this game meant so much to me and still does today. It really did create unforgettable memories that now, as someone nearing their 30s, still looks back on fondly from time to time.

I still remember some of my team - Raspberry the (shiny) Skuntank, my Granbull and Scrafty. I still remember all the impromptu events and tournaments. I remember a lot of the people, Tizzy, Red, Worm, Cookie, Prince, Amanda, Matt, Scott, Cris and several others I can't quite remember the name to. I didn't have much of a life, so I reported everything that happened here to my relatives like it was the biggest of deals. I spent holidays here because, frankly, it was the only place I felt like I belonged. A lot of you guys basically became family to me and I still look back at my memories with you all with a smile.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well in life, and everyone who doesn't too. If anyone wants to get back in contact with the annoying stupid kid, my Discord tag is Milly#7253
Hoosha: (Aug 25 2022, 5:33 pm)
rehost the game NOW OR ELSE
Triad98765432123: (Aug 2 2018, 8:39 pm)
Well, Guys the game is back online and old players get some nice awesome goodies. new players should also join as well since they get some nice goodies too.
Jimmy889: (Apr 17 2018, 8:35 am)
I missed this game too. :( There's always (WIP) game by one of the former staff XSky RiderX. Kinda reminds me of POW tbh http://www.byond.com/games/XSkyRiderX/Pokemon