DragonBall Z Final Fight

by PhantomRageX
DragonBall Z Final Fight

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.0
Date added: Sep 7 2009
Last updated: Oct 25 2009
Last played: Oct 24 2009
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Welcome To Your Final Fight!




Game Owner:Fregmaster1995,Killop,Yand


Iconer: Killop, MegaMany.

Mapper: Fregmaster1995


Hoster:We Need One!



Players Rulers

-Don't Spam. This includes text, guild invites, and etc. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban.

-Don't ask for Gm. This is with OOC, Say, Emote, and/or Whisper. Apply on the Forums. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot.

-Don't ask for a Race Change. If you want a different race then remake. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/.

-Don't ask for a Boost/Edit/. If you want a boost go win a tournament. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban.

-Don't complain about dying to another player. I made the safe zone so can train. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/.

- Don't Abuse Bugs. I'm not a perfect coder. But you will report all bugs on the forums. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban.

- Don't Multi Key without permission with the host. It might cause lag. And if you are sharing a router then inform the GM on the game and you will be tested. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban(key).

-Don't Ask a GM for a Revive, Dragon balls, and/or and other stuff you can get by yourself. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/.

-Advertizing other DBZ games. Result: Ban (key)/Ban (IP).

-Posting any kind of Mature/Porn link in any form of chat on the game. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban(key).

-Keep caps(shift/uppercase letters) to a minimum. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban(key).

Admin Rules

-You Must Obay the Rules of the Players as well. Result: Demotion.

-Don't use your powers for fun. Result: Demotion.

-Don't mute people if your not in a good mood, go out of game.
Result: Demotion.

-Dont edit stats. This includes "Give". GM's are not allowed to win tournaments and claim the prize. Result: Demotion & Ban

-Don't ask for a Promotion. When this time is right you will be. Result: Demotion.

Recent Medals


Earned by Legoseba21
Oct 22 2009, 3:07 pm


Earned by Dee2332
Oct 22 2009, 2:10 pm