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byond:// [Meranthe | Year 2127 AC]

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byond:// [Meranthe | Year 2127 AC]

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Meranthe is a collaborative roleplaying game with realtime, action combat, numerous schools of crafting, an engaging open-ended magic system, dedicated guilds, housing, a player run economy, and many other features that enhance and enrich the immersive world. The characters age over time as the world changes and grows, although your very survival may prove challenging in the long-term.

Some key highlights of the game include:

PLAYER BUILDING: All settlements, from small villages to the major cities, are built and sustained in-game through a versatile construction system. Factions can be given their own custom, private style of aesthetics through the custom prop database that allows yourself and others to add new tiles to the game in real-time. Much like a living, breathing world, the realms of Meranthe are vulnerable to the whims of politics, alliances, and warfare.

SPELL TREES: Customize your character with 23 open ended, unique magic trees, with over 250 abilities total available. Combat in the game is realtime and focuses on spell slinging, adrenaline inducing action where timing, positioning, and your use of spells matter.

SANDBOX: Build a ship to explore the outer islands. Dig a hole to bury a chest full of treasure. Write a book and place it on a nearby bookshelf for viewing centuries later. Start a countryside farm and raise your own animals from birth to death. All items are crafted by players in the game, from impactful potions to the gear you purchase in stores. Lifeskills (fishing, cooking, mining, etc) also have their own dedicated systems and level up mechanics. The passage of time itself involves a changing world, a true sandbox where player actions and interactions are at the fore front of Meranthe, reflected in your surroundings and defining the course of history.

QUESTS & DUNGEONS: Find and complete the many daily quests around the world to earn coin. Explore challenging dungeons in parties of 3 or 5 if you have the corresponding key. The rarest resource nodes can be found in these areas, with escape only possible once the boss has been defeated or you've been wiped out in your attempt.

CLASSES: Our class system is focused around roles that drive and support roleplay in particular. Necromancers harvest corpses to conjure player-controlled undead, able to enhance and upgrade them, further enriching themselves through the exploits of their skeletons. Practitioners of black magic amass essence as a Coven to unlock forbidden potions and nefarious spells, coming together for rituals. Those of the Faith serve a diverse pantheon with differing ideologies, but what they have in common is their knack for blessing, healing, praying for others, hosting ceremonies, and ordaining new acolytes into their faith. These classes also grant capstone abilities as characters reach milestones.

FOCUS ON IN-GAME PROGRESSION: All abilities are earned through in-game progression and interaction. You earn mastery points as you reach a high end level and more when you reach combat goals. Diverging from previous Eternia iterations, players will not be expected to write an application for lore rich, powerful abilities, with options for additional advancement visible through the various systems and hooks that are promoted with our game loop.