Eternia: Chronicles of Esshar

by Pixel Realms
An immersive sandbox fantasy world. Discord: [More]
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byond:// [Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar | Year 1600 AC]

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Chronicles of Esshar is a collaborative roleplaying game with realtime, action combat, numerous schools of crafting, an engaging open-ended magic system, dedicated guilds, housing, a player run economy, and many other features that enhance and enrich the immersive world.

The characters age over time as the world changes and grows, and engaging in conflict is a high stakes affair with entire factions warring for survival.

Nadrew - Code
Doohl - Code
Yinadele - Code
Megablaze - Code
SuperAntx - Code

Zane444 - Art
AmonR - Art
Redisec - Art
El Sato - Art

MissPerson - Map
Avee - Map
Fushichou - Map
Ludi - Map