Pokemon Underworld

by PokemonHeroes
Pokemon Underworld
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Version Pokemon Underworld :
Date added: Dec 12 2007
Last updated: Oct 5 2008
Last played: Jun 11 2009
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Darkness Region

Rock Gymleader:

Rainbow Gymleader:

Fire Gymleader:

Water Gymleader:

Grass Gymleader:

Dark Gymleader:

Flying Gymleader:

Thunder Gymleader:

Underworld Region

Ice Gymleader:

Moon Gymleader:

Hell Gymleader:

Eevee Gymleader:

Storm Gymleader:

Ghost Gymleader:

Dragon Gymleader:

Poison Gymleader:


Magma Leader:

Magma Grunt:


Aqua Leader:

Aqua Grunt:

Team Rocket





Specail Thanks To

Thax To Ruki he the one that did all the codein for me and he did the p.c and some other good coder he is the 2nd owner of pokemon underworld so follow the rules so he wont banned you think you ruki your the best =]






1:No Spamming Stupid Things..
2:Dont Curse..
3:No Asking For Gymleaders And GM..
4:Dont Spam OCC And Dont Use Caps..
5:Dont Force A Gymleader To Battle When They Dont Wanna..
5:Dont Kill Other Trainer Pokemon Or Else You Well Get Banned..
6:Dont Use Announce For Something Stupid..
More To Come

Gymleader Rules

1:You Can Only Use Announcement Only To Tell People That Your Gym Is Open Or Close..
2:You Can Only Summon Somebody When They Get Lost..
3:Help Trainer Out..
More To Come...


Rolitin001: (Apr 27 2013, 10:19 am)
I can host for u
Merlinko5: (Apr 30 2009, 6:09 pm)
Bobbyawesome can host for you