Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Heroes

by Prestige Entertainment
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Heroes
Online MMORPG of DragonBall Z. 24/7 No P-Wipes. [More]

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Date added: May 14 2010
Last updated: May 16 2010
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Welcome to this new Game Programmed by Prestige.
In the most of Dragon Ball Z Games on byond you can custom your character, here you can play with the Original Characters. We've Tournaments, Clan Wars, Player Wars, Balanced Arena, Clan Arena, Stat Points, etc
There are new ways to train: Focus Training, Punching Bag, Sparring Parntner, Gravity, Speed Bag, Treadmill and more!!. We've fusion system, you can fuse with other player. New Skills (Death Ball,Super Kamehameha, Father Son Kamehameha, etc).
We've Struggling System(Clash). Over 70 Characters. You can find more things by playing it!!

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Vipernjg26: (Jan 18 2013, 6:25 pm)
Any chance this will ever be back up? or people being able to host it from a download button?