Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure! [More]
Version 1
Date added: Sep 24 2011
Last updated: Sep 7 2022
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond://BYOND.world.181678406 [Steam Server]

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byond://BYOND.world.157552999 [(Test Server) Taste the Future! (v30)]

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1 - All players should be respectful, both to fellow players and staff members. No racism, flaming, and/or any verbal abuse of any kind is tolerated. Please do not post spoilers in OOC, keep the chats enjoyable for everyone!
2 - English is the only language that players may use in OOC.
We encourage all players who do not speak English to use the "Global" chat.
3 - Links to other BYOND or other online games are not permitted in OOC or Pirate/Marine chats.
4 - Spam messaging in any chat is not permitted.
5 - Please do not block entrances, excluding mini-games.
6 - Do not inattentively train your character (AFK training) or use a bot to do so.
Weight training is the only exception to this rule.
7 - Do not evade bans or mutes! Example: Logging onto a second account while your first account is muted or banned to bypass said mute/ban.
8 - Exploiting the game's bugs will result in a ban from the game or a character wipe. If you are told not to use a verb or technique, please respect this, the staff of the game has their reasons. Report all bugs using the built in bug report system or the
bug list channel.
9 - Death avoiding is prohibited! (Logging off, before someone can kill you or entering a safe zone where you cannot be killed.) After fighting with someone, you must wait 60 seconds before logging out. To get a ruling on this you must post a screenshot of the person who death avoided or have a moderator witness the offense.
10 - Do not share your character or key with anyone other than yourself. This includes buying a character that you did not create from another player.
11 - The "Watch" verb is for your entertainment purposes only. Do not abuse it!
12 - Do not join the same event with multiple characters. Infringing on this will result in a rollback and an event ban.
13 - Do not item scam. We recommend players do not share weapons and gear.
14 - Going “AFK” in Pirates vs Marines, Capture the Cow (CTC), or Battleground will result in a boot from the game and possible event ban. Deliberately sabotaging your team is also not allowed.
15 - Do not discuss bans in OOC or ask for others to be unbanned or unmuted. OOC is not the place to make an appeal, the forum is.
16 - Absolutely no selling of in game currency or equipment for money in reality; we are not a Pay to Win game and do not tolerate any similar transactions. You may however buy someone a sub/doubloons in exchange for in game items/currency.
17 - Do not spam kill players or kill alts for bounty. Your bounty will be forcibly reduced.

If you have been banned, submit an appeal following these instructions: here.

The Crew:
  • Pride B. Ravanok (Pride Ravanok) - Owner, Programmer, Mapper
  • Cot (SoontheSlowKings) - Owner
  • Ky2731 (Ky2731) - Admin Lead, Operations Manager
  • Bjisboss (Bjisboss) - Admin
  • Blaze (Narutokils) - Admin
  • Hinokage (Hinokage) - Admin
  • Plague (Zalvis) - Admin
  • Minato (Eradication) - Admin
  • Kurai (Kurai000) - Admin

  • Altair (Popi883) - Moderator
  • Clayatreon (Clayatreon) - Moderator
If you would like to join the team, apply here on the applications channel.


Ky2731: (Jun 18 2018, 2:00 pm)
Lingering WilI wrote:
Is this game still active?
Yes, it is! Updates are still being released.
Lingering WilI: (May 19 2018, 11:50 am)
Is this game still active?
VRed HoodV: (Oct 25 2017, 2:32 pm)
Yo black sup man. you should update this page. and finally finish the story line of this game. good work.
Sharkjr016: (Nov 22 2016, 11:19 am)
Put the game back this one of the best game on byond
Junior219: (Jun 15 2016, 5:54 am)
When is the game coming back on?