Naruto Revival

by Racave
Naruto Revival

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Date added: Dec 4 2010
Last updated: Jun 11 2013
Last played: May 21 2012
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~Message of the Game~

~Naruto Next Generation's Closing is the inspiration for this game. We are very sorry about berlin's choice and we hope this can make it up to you the players.
~Sometimes our GMs like to have fun so ignore them but if anything gets out of hand it will be handled so don't worry.
~If You have any suggestions or anything you'd like in the game be our guest and let a GM know since we have no forum atm.(Trying to add one soon)
~Thank you all for your interest in the game. Atm our staff is full and if you are deemed fit you may get GM powers but for now we don't need anyone, we have Iconner(s), Coder(s), and Pixel Artist(s) as well as Mapper(s), so applications won't be needed.


Updates that have already occured: Senju/Clay Clan, Glitches Fixed, New Orgs[Team Hawk-7sm], Missions/Jutsu's Fixed-Edited, Secret Scrolls Added, 7sm Suit, New Jutsus[Mang Sharingan-Ama-Tsukiyomi-Water Dragon etc]

Updates ready but glitchy: Yuki/Nagato Clan; Mist Influence; Mist Village/Npc/Buildings; World Say Font change; Mist Village Jutsus; Tournament Exit fixed; Tele-Loc glitches fixed; Anbu Mask Added with affects; Kyuubi Finished; Death Reaper Seal

~Updates Soon~

Clans{Bubble,Uzumaki,Puppet Master}; Anbu Cloths Implemented, Biju Finished With Boost; Sannin Quest/Rank; Summonings (For Sannin only and Kages); Female Base - New Hair Styles; ANBU Store; Rebirth System (Will be boost/Keep a level cap to allow equal gameplay); Team Hawk Suit; And finally More Weapons


Daan109: (Oct 29 2011, 8:48 am)
i have found the nng files and im getting it on the internet but i cant host it so im posting the url here:
Mattjm2: (Oct 9 2011, 10:44 am)
Recave this game was amazing whenever you can please find a host i would apply however im not sure how i would be able to get the host files from you so i guess what im saying is find a host
Racave: (May 31 2011, 2:28 pm)
Thanks, I wanted to make it so much better than NNG but I just can't find the time for it atm... I will come back though I will make it either spectacular or a new naruto game original hopefull to be the best of the best.
Dark toshi: (May 29 2011, 9:27 am)
:( your game was the best recave.... how i can talk with you? add me in msn please [email protected]
Racave: (May 26 2011, 6:28 am)
Yes I know sorry... anyways some good news!!
Alex our iconner is taking over for me, I've given him the source because I no longer have the time atm I hope to return one day I will be playing if he gets a server up but he has agreed to take the source and from his words he is getting better at iconning and I'm sure he will make the game better. Im not sure if hes going to keep this HUB or make his own but whatever he finds he wants to do i will support.