Bleach Unlimited

by Robert11
Bleach Unlimited
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Version 2.0.0
Date added: May 16 2010
Last updated: May 17 2010
Last played: May 20 2010
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Explanation: Well it's quite clear now that Div is a royal douche bag that faked his Death and is never online anymore so I decided to take over the game this is the same game made by the BUProductions staff Henitari and Kuchiki Byakuya AKA Voodoo666_mrhappy both gave me permission to use this game on this hub since Div is a douche and won't give up the BUProductions key so I can use that hub at anyrate have fun.

1. Don't Spam. Spamming is considered saying the same thing more than twice. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > Ban

2. You can advertise all you want just don't spam your link.

3. Don't Spam Kill. Spam killing is where you kill someone more than twice in ten seconds. Punishments: Warning > Boot > One Week Ban > PermaBan

4. If A Staff Member Is Helping Someone, Do Not Interrupt Them. This means don't kill them or the person they're helping, or spam the OOC trying to get their attention. If they're not answering, wait or ask someone else. Punishments: Warning > Boot

5. Use Common Sense. If it seems like you shouldn't be doing it, don't do it. Punishments: Depends on the crime.

6. Don't EZ Train, AFK Train, Or Train Unattentively. If you are training using any other method than your finger on a key, then it's illegal. Furthermore, if you are training without actually paying attention to the game (IE you have it out of the way completely so you can watch a movie on your computer, etc), it is also illegal. If you are punished and feel it was unfair, come to the forums and you may challenge it. Do NOT, under any circumstances spam up the OOC or flame the Staff about it. This will only result in further punishment. Punishments: Boot with Wipe > One Week Ban with Wipe > PermaBan with Wipe

7. No Mature Things. This means no porn or hentai. At the Staff's discretion, they may also put a limit on mature conversations on the OOC. Punishments: (For Mature Images and Videos) Mute > Boot > PermaBan (For Mature Conversations) Warning > Mute > Boot+Mute > One Week Ban > PermaBan

8. No Excessive Profanity. Don't cuss every other word. Simple as that. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

9. No Mute Or Ban Avoiding. There is no such thing as a key mute/ban. Still, don't avoid a mute or a ban. Punishments: (For Mute Avoiding) Warning/Boot > One Week Ban > PermaBan (For Ban Avoiding) PermaBan

10. Don't CAP. If your entire message (or most of it) is in caps, you've violated the rules. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

11. Abuse bugs all you want seen as how I'm done updating BU they will never be fixed most likely.

12. Don't Ask For Reqs. If requirements are considered "hidden", then do not ask for them. Also, don't tell anyone else reqs. Natural bankai, vaizard, elder quincy, vasto lorde, and answers to tests are considered hidden. Punishments: (Asking) Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot (For Telling) Warning > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

13. Do Not Use Full Caps or Any Characters that are not numbers or letters. Punishments: Rename > Forced rename of Admins' choice

14. Don't falsly accuse staff members of abusing their power. Provide proof of abuse. Punishments: Ban

15. Follow Any Additional Rules Set Up By Staff. Punishments: Depends on the crime.

GM/Admin rules:

9. There are no real rules about moderation either enjoy your ban.

If you are member whether you rank or not, you will now get two free rerolls if your hollow or shinigami and some extra yen if your quincy we hope you would rank us however we only ask you to do it if you truly like the game