Bleach: Echos Of Time

by Shinzuken13544
Bleach: Echos Of Time

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Date added: Jun 9 2014
Last updated: Oct 19 2015
Last played: Jun 30 2014
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This is a bleach roleplay game based on the series Bleach which is made by Tite Kubo.You have the freedom of choosing between the righteous Shinigami class, devoted to balance between the three worlds; The Chaotic Hollow class, driven by the soul will to devour and fill the emptiness left by their escaping hearts; or the various classes among Humanity who simply exist on their own whim. We also feature the Sternritter class.



Axerob, Ryman, Asellia, Zarkus, Ukiyo, Sgrios, Davis1312, Jasmine

Pixel Artists

Axerob, Asellia, Zarkus, Davis1312, Jasmine

Interface Designers

Axerob, Davis1312, Zarkus


Gadoosh: (Jun 20 2014, 3:36 pm)
Great game. Just wish more people played though. Would love to see a community on this.
Tojishiro: (Jun 10 2014, 7:36 pm)