Naruto: Battle to the End

by Soske
An owesome game with a great map! new clans! and the best GMs, so come join now and get the fun that u deserve! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1
Date added: Jul 20 2008
Last updated: Aug 18 2013
Last played: Dec 29 2014
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NBTTE is back online indeed. Since 2007 when the game was original up and got hacked.... I was forced to make a new hub later on in 2008.

News is my good friend FallenPhenix has decided to take it up and keep the game going even tho its been down for a few years. I do see it needs a lot of updating since I was last around, but I do hope all the old players if any are still here remember NBTTE.

As for me I may return if I can manage to find the codes where I had started coding NBTTE 2 as I would liek to bring it all back online.

Now for all the staff new staff info
Owner: Soske of course :)
Co-Owner: FallenPhenix
Host: NBTTE 1 - FallenPhenix
Admins: N/A
Mods: N/A
Kages: N/A

anyone wanting to help NBTTE 1 plz get up with FallenPhenix.

NOTE: I don't have NBTTE online to become the best game. My only goal is to have a game where players can join, have fun, and meet all sorts of new ppl. I do not do boosts in game either.