Box Head Online

by Speedro
Box Head Online
Battle through the hordes of undead to win! [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Speedro.BoxHeadOnline##version=32

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 0.4
Date added: Sep 27 2008
Last updated: Mar 15 2010
Last played: Apr 3 2015
46 fans

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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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If you manage to beat the game, please contact me through my site or in game to get your name posted on here! I can't even beat it, so I want to see if anybody can! If you beat it with a team, let me know so I can give the others credit too.


Extensive testing for bugs, currently in ALPHA stage, as there's a lot of icon bugs

Last Updated March 15, 10

I've decided to make the game a lot more gory- in the sense that every weapon hits far more damage, and it seems to be a lot more entertaining destroying everything. :)

None of the waves are any harder though, so there are a number of updates that could possibly be made:

-Difficulty setting
-Special avatars you can buy and keep with money earned and doing special tasks (ex: killing 30 large demons over your total play time)

-Fixing some bugs; they aren't game ruining, they hardly effect the game at all, but it still needs to be done.

-Some weapon updates such as the katana (powerful close range sword), mines, and other weapons to better simulate the real game)

- Hub information such as wave and difficulty

- An actual page that auto updates ranks etc.

-Hopefully the download will work permanently now...

-The interface has been changed, but may need more work to easily be able to see your money etc on the actual HUB for easier play, etc.

-Issues such as ammo reloads reloading things like the INF pistol.

Last Updated Sept 8, 09

For those who couldn't play because of an idle host, I have now made it so idle hosts are removed after 5 minutes so a new player can take their position.

BUG FIXES: A test message appeared on the screen when clicking "Next Wave". This is unneccessary and has been removed. The "join game" option has been re-added to the interface.
Last Updated Sept 7, 09

Good news! I've completely revamped the game, with the help of Kaamos.

1. You can thank Kaamos for all the awesome graphics!

2. I've fixed a number of bugs, and made the control interface much easier to use. You'll also find the waves and strategies much more difficult now.. Have fun- I'll be updating frequantly!

Last updated: Sept 1, 09

Nothing much has changed, just re-uploading the host files. If the game becomes a hit, I might polish it and make all 30 waves. I have removed zombie wars for now, as it was still buggy and unnecessary . I'll try to host it a few times. Enjoy!
Last updated: Oct 19, 08
-Currently there are 13 playable waves
please note that I will be adding waves up to 30

-Currently 14 weapon choices.-
0) (Inf) pistol
1) Fake walls
2) Grenades
3) Sniper Rifles
4) Spike traps
5) Medical pack
6) Uzi
7) Pistol
8) Rocket Launcher
9) AK47
10) Flame Thrower
11) Explosive Barrels
12) Auto Turrets
13) Shotgun

I'm open to new weapon ideas. Ones soon to be made:

1) AK47 (Complete since: Oct 10, 08)
2) Mines
3) Explosive barrels (Complete since Oct 18, 08)
4) Shot Gun (Complete since Oct 19, 08)

Oct 30, 08: Good news! I've added ammo drops for monsters and I'm working on a new mode for the game called ZOMBIE WARS. This is a free-to-join style game, as many players as you want, and battle the progression of monsters to see how many waves you can get! This mode slightly more strictly follows the original Box Head Zombie Wars game, except in a few ways, like icons and such. I'll be having an open testing session for it tomorrow, Oct, 31, Friday.

In other news: I've added a late join option to the main game along with a LOT less lag! Still considering adding re-spawn.

Oct 23, 08: Well, I've added a lot since the 20th, the map is larger, new weapons, you get more money for your kills, it's a LOT more gory, and I'm expecting new icons soon, (Credit to Kaamos) and I'll be hosting tomorrow (Oct 24, 08) I still expect a few significant bugs. I've added a list of all the significant bugs I know about to the bottom. Hope to see you there tommorow!

Oct 20, 08: I'm planning on increasing the size of the map, adding auto turrets and explosive barrels for the next time the game is hosted. Hopefully I'll be hosting the new weapons by Friday! I'm also thinking along with the new weapons I'll add a friendly fire off button, which will stop you from being hurt from teamates. However, this only stops accidental Friendly Fire (FF) so things like explosions and sniping will still hurt you. Hope to see you on this Friday! :D

Oct 19, 08: I've fixed a number of multi-player bugs, such as:
1) Reset button not working properly (it should be working fine now!)
2) Observers can't interrupt combat, or in any way disturb living players.
3) Health bars now vanish properly when you click 'Leave game'
4) The Sniper Rifle should be working properly now.
5) The Flame Thrower now burns things as it should.

Oct 16, 08: I'm thinking of changing the way the characters look to better represent the game, as well as changing the map into an urban like area.

Oct 14:
-You can now shoot in different directions using: W,A,S,D,Q,E,Z, and X.

-You can now click and your character will face the closest of the 8 directions towards the clicked area and shoot.

-Basic sounds have been added. Will be updated.

Known bugs:

1) icon overlays not working properly.
2) On screen ammo does not keep track properly past 100 ammo.
3) On screen health doesn't keep track properly.

This game was based off the idea of
by Sean Cooper.

Enjoy the game! Regards, Speedro.

Game programmed by: Speedro
Basic icons by: Speedro
More detailed higher quality icons by: Kaamos
Banners by Kozuma3
Free candy if you register here ;D


TwoTon: (Oct 22 2010, 8:08 pm)
Why is it called Boxhead when your using Madness icons?
Speedro: (Mar 20 2010, 2:56 pm)
Kozuma3 wrote:
And fix the lag if this is not already done THX :3

Yeah- not exactly sure how to go about fixing lag, I've tried before... Too many loops going at once.
Kozuma3: (Mar 17 2010, 1:34 pm)
And fix the lag if this is not already done THX :3
Speedro: (Mar 15 2010, 7:00 am)
I am interested in making some of these, thanks. :)

Kozuma3 wrote:
Katana (melee)
rail gun (ranged peircing)
auto-rockets (like auto turrets)
Air raids (like in Zombie Wars :3)
Revolver (6 bullets / alot of dmg)
m16 (fast / 32 bullets / weak)
m4 (med / 24 bullets / medium)
Buffalo G1 (Med x 5 targets *shotgun*
Buffalo G3 (Strong x 3 targets *shotgun*
Stingray A1 (rocket luancher)
Laser-Cannon (like rail gun but rocket)

Speedro: (Mar 15 2010, 7:00 am)
Tubutas wrote:
I can't download the game?

Should be fixed now.