by Superbike32
A game of dice. [More]
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DreamDownload byond://Superbike32.Dice##version=1

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Version 0.0002
Date added: Nov 8 2011
Last updated: Feb 25 2012
Last played: Nov 10 2011
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Dice - This game you make a bet of a certain amount & what dice you think will be rolled, if you lose your bet you lose however much you decided to bet, if you win, you win double what you bet & keep the money you had originally bet.

---If anyone has any ideas or think the game should work differently send me a message...

I am working on more things already so check back often if you want to see if a game you like has been added...examples...checkers/chess...

If you can icon it would be appreciated if you can icon things for this game like an environment built for dice(machines), lots of rows of these machines, maybe multiple floors...

---I am going to be adding support for betting on other peoples dice games & support for the xbox 360 controller, and other controllers if possible. This will be in all my games so people get their choose at the input device, people sometimes find the controller easier because the keyboard has so many buttons on it & if you forget you just mash 100+ keys till you find the key that did what you wanted, unless you easily found help on what keys did what.

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Superbike32: (Jan 9 2012, 6:22 am)
This is basically complete unless I get an iconner, I am going to be adding support for things like a controller being used for example & if someone helps with icons, add icons to the mix, but i'm seperating all my games, then I am building a casino game with all the games that I am getting out soon that gives the medals & stuff through these hub entries for each casino game, until I get all the other games out though, people will be playing through this hub entry to get this games medals...