Bleach Opening Gates To Extinction

by Vengence Production
Bleach Opening Gates To Extinction
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Date added: Dec 28 2009
Last updated: Apr 6 2010
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Bleach Extinct is a new original bleach game currently under our development.We expect this game to be unlike any other bleach game on byond.The game will feature pvp training,in-depth squad and party systems, missions in which you work together with your squad or partner, and many other things that will make you feel like your in the world of bleach.The classes in bleach extinct will all differ with there each own unique attacks,techniques,and transformations but there will not be on particular race which is superior to another.The fighting will be focused on the player getting into the game and the skill of the player will be more important than the level or strength of the character.Players will work together in missions to complete a common goal from the killing of hollows, retrieving an important object, to assassinating or protecting a certain person or area.Bleach Extinct will feature a skill-tree in which players learn new attacks and techniques of their choice.The customization of characters will have a vast number of appearances in which you can create a unique character of your own.This Game Is also Running On Full Screen Mode And Macro Controlls

Bleach Extinct offers an interactive leveling system that makes you feel like your in the world of bleach.Training can differ from sparring friends at the academy,doing missions to earn money,completing quests and tasks,to killing hollows, fighting in wars, and communicating with your zanpakuto.

The combat in Bleach Extinct is not like all the BYOND bleach games floating around.The attacks and techniques all flow smoothly and are not limited to react in a boring way.Our lock on system allows players to fight an opponent without the burden of having to fire attacks in a perfectly straight line.Our game flows smoothly with the byond 4.0 system with a starting macro system that lets you choose how you want to play the game more comfortably.

Bleach Extinct is an original game and ripping of this game is strictly prohibited.There is no administrators telling you what to do as we feel our players do not need to be babysat.But if players feel that someone is causing problems we have added an in-game mute button that lets our players control the situation.

This game is a one of a kind byond game in both graphics and gameplay and ripping of its material is strictly prohibited.


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Lord-Ampro: (Jun 7 2010, 3:30 pm)
When will game be out to play?