Roleplay Budokai

by WhiteStray
Roleplay Budokai
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. The best merge of existing Features and on top totally new ones await you. New Art-Style and animations. [More]
Version 1.7
Date added: Oct 8 2020
Last updated: Jun 9 2021
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byond:// [Roleplay Budokai - Roleplay Budokai: Public Server
Welcome back for another fresh Wipe of RB ! Come and Enjoy !

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Roleplay Budokai

A Game that is constantly evolving towards beeing more unique then any other game of its kind on byond. There are Updates every week. Player Feedback is wanted!

Key Features:
* New Base Icon Sets including Hairs, Clothes etc
* Unique Mating System
* New Animations for Battle, Training, Fighting etc. etc.
* Unique Starter Boost System where every player can start playing at any time
* Skill Shop (Skill trees to come), Technology and Magic Tree
* Character/Obj/Beam Relecting in water
* New Movement System and Increased FPS for smoothest gameplay
* Unique ways for players to make Rare races
* ....


Ryuujin: (Monday, 6:37 pm)
This game has fallen very far from where it once was. I was banned for a list of reasons that were easily explainable away and that don't even make sense to an unbiased observer. The community and the admins have become toxic and got on the false narrative bandwagon about me, spreading lies, slander, deceit, and misinformation about me in order to ostracize me and ultimately give them an excuse to ban me with their bias and toxic mindset readily apparent. Avoid this game like the plague. If they can shit on and cyberbully me with impunity, and even get me banned on a different game with their lies and slander, then you can easily become their victim too.
Iuzi17: (Jun 2, 5:51 pm)
Ehhh why can i not connect? Or was i banned? P-sure not, since i ddidn't do anything wrong?