Naruto Kyuubi's Awakening

by Xander993
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Version 2
Date added: Sep 24 2011
Last updated: Jul 12 2013
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Naruto Kyuubi's Awakening
Staff Members:
Main Owner:Xander


Main Host:(None)

2nd Host:(None)

3rd Host:(None)

Everyone Rule !

1.No spam a Staff or Kage will boot you plus if you do it again BAN !

2.Do not death avoid

3.Do not disrespect Staff

4.Do not thing your the king of your village and starting ordering people

5.Don't ask for higher rank or for Staff

6.No multiclanning that will result as IPBAN for a month

7.Do not always ask to summon to NPC go yourself, just walk....

8.Don't ask for Org. to a Staff, will host a Tournament

9.Do not ask to become a Sannin, Sage Or an ANBU by a GM. That is
the Kage's Honor and the Kage's Decision.

10.In OOC It's English NOT other language,use Say or Whisper for other Language

11.Asking For An Edit Will Result In An Automatic Kick From Naruto Kyuubi's Awakening.

12.The Players Are Allowed To Challenge For Their Current Village Kage

13.For Their Village Kage's Position, This May Only Be Done Once A Week, Though.

14.Kages Have To Accept Challenges, If They Don't They Forfeit Their Position As Kage

15.Don't use NPCs name or IP Ban

Staff Rules (as well kages) !

1.Do not Abuse Staff Power we will take off all Staff verb!

2.Do not use your verb to threaten Player we will solve the problem if you have a problem with a player !

3.Do not give special permission to player this will take all your verb!

4.Staff are supposed (Mostly GM,Enforcer and Admin) to help people so they can know how to play the game !

5.Only 1 Sage,3 Sannin,2 ANBU-Cap and 5 ANBU

6.Do not host tourney whenever you want,ask any Owner

7.Don't train in Owner Log,God Log or GM Log.If I saw you,I'll reset your Stats and will demoted you

8. Don't summon and kill or teleport and kill

Tournament Rules !

1.Don't blind

2.Don't freeze

3.No Homing

4.Don't use any Doujutsu or Bijuu

5.Can't use Summon

The 5 Kages Pictures, Images and Photos



















Hebi Leader:Open

Hebi Member:Open

Hebi Member:Open

Hebi Member:Open

Sound Org Leader:Open

Sound Org Co Leader:Open

Sound Org Member:Open

Sound Org Member:Open

Sound Org Member:Open

Sound Org Member:Open

Sound Org Member:Open

Akatsuki Leader(Pein):Death

Akatsuki Member(Konan):Open

Akatsuki Member(Kakuzu):Open

Akatsuki Member(Hidan):Open

Akatsuki Member(Sasori):Open

Akatsuki Member(Deidara):Open

Akatsuki Member(Itachi):Open

Akatsuki Member(Kisame):Open

Akatsuki Member(Tobi-Madara):Open

Akatsuki Member(Zetsu):Open

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

SSM Leader:

SSM Member:

SSM Member:

SSM Member:

SSM Member:

SSM Member:

SSM Member:


Assassin Leader:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:
Assassin Member:

Student = At the Begging of the game
Genin = Talk to Iruka
Chuunin = 5e+07 and talk to Anko
Jounin = Need Chuunin and Train
Hunter-Nin = Need Jounin and 50 Missing Kills
ANBU = Ask Kage
ANBU Cap =Ask Kage
Sannin = Ask Kage
Org Member = Ask Org Leader
Sage = Ask Kage
Kage/Org Leader = Need Jounin and win a tourney

Special Ranks:
For get this Special Ranks,you need to join Soul Society Village
If join SS when:
Student = Academy Student
Genin = Shinigami Trainee
Chuunin = Gotei 13 Gaurd
Jounin = Knight
Hunter-Nins = Imperial Guard
ANBU = Soul Knight
ANBU-CAP = Shinigami
Sannin = 3rd Seat Shinigami
Sage = Lieutenant Shinigami
Kage = Soul Society Captain


981014: (Dec 27 2011, 2:07 am)
The Old NGG Is Back Here In Byond Hub 981014.NNGNarutoNextGeneration?tab=index

New updates New system Nice Gm's
Hope You Like It!

Tarundbz and I is making the 3rth best NNG Game In Byond !
Xander993: (Nov 26 2011, 7:13 pm)
Sorry people about this-that's off-,but I'm updating and I don't know when I going to finish,so became a Fan and join the Waiting List for when I finish,you'll be informed when It will be back

Raiton sage: (Nov 11 2011, 1:34 am)
wow u guys lost ALOT of fame