Pokemon Trainers Challenge

by Xyphon101
A great non-ripped Pokemon game. [More]

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Version 1.5
Date added: Apr 11 2009
Last updated: Oct 4 2015
Last played: May 5 2016
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Head Staff:
Owner: Xyphon101
Host/Moderator: NotSteven

The game is basically this: Like any other Pokemon game on byond, you walk around, battling trainers, challenging gyms, etc. In this game, you BECOME the Pokemon you send out, and can use projectiles such as ember, bubble, etc, to help you in battle! Also, you can NOT AFK in this game because you must battle to gain EXP!


Global Rules:
1. No cheating. There may be no AFKing, but I am sure there are other ways of cheating.
2. No hacking. This is obvious, don't hack your fellow players.
3. Hold down on the swearing. Swear words are not adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, pronouns, commas, periods, or anything of the sort, so don't use them like they are. If you are warned to cut down on your swearing - STOP.
4. No advertising. This means no links that aren't images, or from a vastly known site (by vastly I mean top - like facebook, youtube, myspace, google, yahoo, etc)
5. Listen to the mods - If you do not listen to the GMs/Mods, you will most likely be banned.
6. This is PG-13.. Don't post porn, or talk about things that are clearly 18+.
7. NO training on trainers pokemon who are not fighting back. I've seen people training against others level 70+, and they just keep gaining levels. DON'T do it.
8. This is an important rule.. DON'T PK! Okay? It really bugs people. You don't want to just be training, and have some noob come up to you like "LOLOLOL" and kill your Pokemon. Just don't do it.
9. *Sigh* Okay guys, you led me to adding this. Don't PATH BLOCK. I can't stress this enough. It really irritates me when I'm in the Pokemon Center and some idiot with their friend is standing in front of the exit. It's even worse when they sent out a Pokemon, and that's just their sprite there, because then you don't even know who it is, and they can't move. Okay so.. Don't do it, it's not cool, mmkay?
10. Don't spam.. Mmkay? We don't care about your stupid spam, so just don't do it.
11. Don't trade spam, and please make your trades rational. That's damn annoying. *Insert noob here wants to trade his level 1 noob for your level 105 awesome sauce pokemon. Do you accept?* NO! That's just stupid! It's even WORSE when you send it 20 times! This also falls under the "Don't spam" rule.
Mod Rules:
1. Follow the Global rules. You don't get any special privileges for being a mod.
2. Help any members when asked; don't ignore them because they are "noobs".

Gym Leader Rules:
1. Be ACTIVE! Or you will be demoted.
2. DON'T LEAVE THE ARENA!! Please make sure this is clear to your challenger, too. If you leave the arena, you are instantly disqualified.

Police Rules (Rules may change with change in Chiefs):
1. The powers given to you are no meant to be abused. Abuse of power will result in your demotion.
2. You can't be disrespectful. Because you're an Officer doesn't mean you have to be rude to the players.

Gym Leader Requirements:
Number of Pokemon: 3 for all gyms
Grass Gym Leader: Level 10-20
Rock Gym Leader: Level 15-25
Fighting Gym Leader: Level 20-30
Water Gym Leader: Level 25-35
Ghost Gym Leader: Level 30-40
Steel Gym Leader: Level 35-45
Ice Gym Leader: Level 40-50
Rainbow Gym Leader: Level 45-55

Elite Four Requirements:
Level of Pokemon: 75-90
Fire Elite: # of Pokemon 3
Dark Elite: # of Pokemon 4
Psychic Elite: # of Pokemon 5
Dragon Elite: # of Pokemon 6

Obtainable Pokemon:
Rhyhorn(By Rock Gym)
Aerodactyl(By Rock Gym)
Cranidos(By Rock Gym)
Geodude(By Rock Gym)
Aron(By Rock Gym)
Gastly(By Ghost Gym)
Duskull(By Ghost Gym)
Staryu(By Water Gym)
Riolu(Cave Pokemon)
Tyrogue(Cave Pokemon)
Magnemite(Cave Pokemon)
Beldum(Cave Pokemon)
Bagon(Cave Pokemon)
Growlithe(Cave Pokemon - Lava area)
Vulpix(Cave Pokemon - Lava area)
Houndour(Cave Pokemon - Lava area)
Magby(Cave Pokemon - in Lava)
Magikarp(By Water Gym)
Sneasel(By Ice Gym)
Shuppet(By Ghost Gym)
Snover(By Ice Gym)
Snorunt(By Ice Gym)
Phione(10000 Tokens)
Charmeleon(Evolve from Charmander at level 16)
Charizard(Evolve from Charmeleon at level 36)
Wartortle(Evolve from Squirtle at level 16)
Blastoise(Evolve from Wartortle at level 36)
Ivysaur(Evolve from Bulbasaur at level 16)
Venusaur(Evolve from Ivysaur at level 32)
Pikachu(Evolve from Pichu at level 10)
Raichu(Evolve from Pikachu at level 30)
Gloom(Evolve from Oddish at level 21)
Vileplume(Evolve from Gloom at level 41)
Bellossom(Evolve from Gloom at level 41)
Hitmonchan(Evolve from Tyrogue at level 20)
Hitmonlee(Evolve from Tyrogue at level 20)
Hitmontop(Evolve from Tyrogue at level 20)
Kadabra(Evolve from Abra at level 16)
Alakazam(Evolve from Kadabra at level 30)
Rhydon(Evolve from Rhyhorn at level 42)
Rhyperior(Evolve from Rhydon at level 60)
Rampardos(Evolve from Cranidos at level 30)
Graveler(Evolve from Geodude at level 25)
Golem(Evolve from Graveler at level 40)
Lairon(Evolve from Aron at level 32)
Aggron(Evolve from Lairon at level 42)
Lucario(Evolve from Riolu at level 20)
Primeape(Evolve from Mankey at level 28)
Persian(Evolve from Meowth at level 28)
Magneton(Evolve from Magnemite at level 30)
Magnezone(Evolve from Magneton at level 40)
Weepinbell(Evolve from Bellsprout at level 21)
Victreebel(Evolve from Weepinbell at level 40)
Haunter(Evolve from Gastly at level 25)
Gengar(Evolve from Haunter at level 40)
Cacturne(Evolve from Cacnea at level 32)
Scizor(Evolve from Scyther at level 30)
Snorlax(Evolve from Munchlax at level 30)
Starmie(Evolve from Staryu at level 30)
Metapod(Evolve from Caterpie at level 7)
Butterfree(Evolve from Metapod at level 10)
Pidgeotto(Evolve from Pidgey at level 18)
Pidgeot(Evolve from Pidgeotto at level 36)
Dusclops(Evolve from Duskull at level 37)
Dusknoir(Evolve from Dusclops at level 50)
Shelgon(Evolve from Bagon at level 30)
Salamence(Evolve from Shelgon at level 50)
Metang(Evolve from Beldum at level 20)
Metagross(Evolve from Metang at level 45)
Vespiquen(Evolve from Combee at level 21)
Arcanine(Evolve from Growlithe at level 30)
Ninetales(Evolve from Vulpix at level 30)
Houndoom(Evolve from Houndour at level 24)
Magmar(Evolve from Magby at level 30)
Magmortar(Evolve from Magmar at level 45)
Gyarados(Evolve from Magikarp at level 20)
Weavile(Evolve from Sneasel at level 30)
Banette(Evolve from Shuppet at level 37)
Abomasnow(Evolve from Snover at level 40)
Glalie(Evolve from Snorunt at level 42)
Froslass(Evolve from Snorunt at levle 42)

Copyright 2009-2015 Xyphon101, and all other Pokemon Trainers Challenge staff. All rights reserved. All unoriginal sprites/icons/images are copyright Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. All rights reserved. Nothing may be ripped without the owner(Xyphon)'s permission.

Most sprites that are not made by Nintendo/The Pokemon Company are made by Max6020.


Mega monkey master: (Jan 25 2019, 9:57 am)
please bring this game back i wanna feel young again lol
LordZirMunchiez: (Aug 28 2016, 2:06 am)
I want another come back for this game. I fell in love with it a number of years back on a friends account. whole reason I made a byond account was to play this.
Cray_Aka: (Mar 21 2016, 1:04 pm)
byond:// come on...the game is back up :D there doesn't seem to be any notice-able bugs
Flamex2: (Mar 5 2016, 7:44 am)
Wow, I hope this game comes up!
Cray_Aka: (Mar 5 2016, 7:06 am)
Lwo can you please make this game open host?