True Shinobi Chronicles

by Zane5494
True Shinobi Chronicles
Where the "True Shinobi Chronicles" begin and end, with tremendous game-play and graphic quality. [More]

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Date added: Aug 4 2010
Last updated: Feb 19 2012
Last played: Oct 19 2010
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Welcome To True Shinobi Chronicles{TSC}

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Game is under construction is will be up soon. We need iconer, and hoster. If you can help pleace help us.

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1. No sending out adult, overly inappropriate or vulgar links.
2. No spam of any sort
3. No advertising other games.
4. No language that could be considered racist, sexist and etc... keep swearing to a minimum.
5. No constant use of caps lock in chat channels.
6. No abuse of bugs. If you find one report it on the forum instantly and you will usually get awarded by your find.

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Main-Owner/Game Creator:Kayen Hyogokichi{Zane5494}
Head Of Staff:Viper{Viper7772}
Full Moderators{FMS}:Robbie{Nabari-San}
Admin:Shammah{Shammahg}-Yazuma{Dirtkage}-Chaotic X{Dtwon}
Trail Enforcer:none
Event Manager:none
System Checkers:none

Please be respectful to them and just play, if you need something in game ask GM, we will add more gms so every time you join there will be some gms on.
If you want to apply for Gm and you have Skills in iconing,gfxing,pixeling, or hosting apply for GM.
Also if you want to apply for a helper plz fill free to.

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Sanin 1:
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Nabari-San:Developing Icons
Zane5494:Programming, Mapping, Gfxing, Pixel Artist
Shammahg:Audio Development/Management
Boakyekwaku:Back-up Hosting
King519:Forum Development
Zane5494:Wiki Developer

P.S.--We need a more experienced pixel artist because i am honestly not that good.

---Disclaimer: We, the Staff of True Shinobi Chronicles{TSC} would like to announce that this is a fan made game. This game is based off of "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden" which is created by Masashi Kishimoto, and we do not profit from his creation or ideas. The graphics in this game, though based on "Naruto/Naruto Shippuden", is copyrighted by True Shinobi Chronicles{TSC} Staff, and is not permitted to be used by anyone without our consent. Any donations received, are soley intended to keep the game(Our creation, based on Naruto/Naruto Shippuden) running on it's server{s}.---

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