AIChat / AdamAI V5

by Zelldot
AIChat also known as AdamAI Version 5 [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Zelldot.AIChat##version=31

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 5.31
Date added: Oct 9 2021
Last updated: Oct 2
Last played: Oct 3
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The first learning artificial intelligent chat as an easy editable application. Also as a game code for game creators!

Privately used in many industries around the world! In music, story writing, medical and scientific research, AIChat was known by the name AdamAI. The latest version of AdamAIChat is the fastest and smartest currently available! The forefront of AI chat is now available completely free to download!

Important Note: Local host get admin rights automatically, but for remote hosting, first login gets admin rights. It is important to claim this slot with a first login if you are hosting in the Dream Daemon, even after a reboot. Multiple people can have admin rights, and admin rights are saved in users folder.

Visit the Facebook group for AdamAIChat an leave your BYOND username for a free subscription! Read about subscription features below.
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To read more about the features and updates, find other version like the original nostalgia version, or to get the AIchat game script for your games on BYOND, visit

New file templates.
Added an interface with better looking buttons.
Loading, downloading, and saving on local machine, take a copy of another servers brain file for your own use.
Displaying database details button, displays more statistics about folders and files.
Files and folders now tracks the first person to create a file or folders.
Right click stats about a chatters and their contribution to the servers brain file.
The ability to turn learning on or off, and to switch between public chat with humans or private chat with the AI
Adding AI chatters to chat to the AI.
View modes allow you to see specific files or folders in the brain.
Expand all and close all, quickly open and close all folders.
The ability to host and join online servers for free, and to personalize the server status on BYOND.
Chat to and wisper to anyone on the server, bypassing private AI chat mode.
See if your currently running an AI core modified file
Restore brain files with the check brain button or restore AI core modifications with the restore default AI core button.
Subscriber servers with modified AI cores, will be displayed.
The ability to change the chances of output based on human psychological biases.
Different interface themes.
Control when data stored in the brain become redundant and stop its output.

Under the hood:
Backtracing, allows the AI to hold a conversation better.
Added deeper AI machine code for a faster processing of data.
Files store what day and month it was created to better track weekly and yearly events.

Admin options allow the admin control over the hosted servers:
Admins can change the auto save time.
Admins can elect and demote mods.
Admins can control if the users and mods can see brain.
Admins can change if the users and mods can teach the brain.
Admins can change if the users and mods can edits of delete folders and files.
Admins and mods can mute people in the public chat.
Admins and mods can stop a person teaching the AI.
Admins and mods can stop a person editing and deleting.
Admins can turn the question detection on or off.
Admins can turn the questions about self detection on or off.

To subscribe:
Subscriber features:
Basic Features:
SUB tag in chat, and SUB star in the chatter menu.
Unlocks the "AICore" tab for subscriber features and AICore editing.
The "Recent" tab allows the admin to keep track of recently added files and folders.
Search feature! Search the currently loaded brain.
Load and merge, load a file into the currently loaded brain and merge it!
Recycle bin feature stores all the delete items as a brain file in a folder called recycle.

Editing the AI biases towards picking a response:
The ability to set pick bonuses based on backtracing bias.
The ability to set a bonus based on day of the week.
The ability to set a bonus based on month of the year.

Edit the core AI system, saved into each brain file:
Edit the question detection system.
Edit the question about self detection system.
Edit the unknown responses to questions.
Edit the unknown responses to questions about self.
Edit the unknown responses to statements.
Edit how many letters are needed before the AI replies to a short statement it does not have a response to with a copy of the input and adds a question mark.
More interface themes.