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Underworld Kid
Sep 9 2009, 1:08 am
mie css is better den urs

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AJX's Games
Capture The Flag
A fun game of classic style capture the flag
About Capture The Flag
Dodge Ball
Come play a simple, fun game of dodgeball!
About Dodge Ball
An early alpha game. Defend your shrine, or die trying!
About Invasion
About Iso Test
About Test
AJX's Demos
About Isometric World Builder
AJX's Libraries
Library for creating holograms
About A~Hologram
3D Isometric Based Handling System
Re: About AJX Iso
Advanced Get_Dir
A more dynamic and informative version of the built in get_dir() proc
About Advanced Get_Dir
About Anti Hack
About Cooldown Handler
Efficiency Tests
Just a few BYOND efficiency tests I ran...
About Efficiency Tests
Game Security
Control who is hosting your game
About Game Security
Map Handling
Lib for saving/loading maps quickly and efficiently
Re: About Map Handling
Tree Transparency
Example of how to make trees go invisible when you walk behind them (and a few extra features...)
About Tree Transparency