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Mar 1 2013, 1:00 pm
I need naruto Akatsuki Takeover back, me and my friends enjoyed that game so much and it was loads of fun i want to see that come back, i miss being the raikage
Jun 14 2012, 8:54 am
Hello Blitz195 I would like to return to your project if you agree if you intereza my email is [email protected]

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Bleach: Order Of Souls!
Adding New Stuff All The Time!!!! Includes New Map, New Realeases (Arrancar and Shinigami), New Clothes, And New Way to Get Vaizard!!! Join And Have Fun!!!
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Naruto: Akatsuki Takeover
V.5.0 (Released) : NEW LOOK : New Clans : Hidan / Sai / Kakazu || New Nagato Gravity Jutsu || Elemental Jutsu|| Clone Training || SAGE MODE! || HEROES WATER || KAGE CHALLENGES . Come on in!! (We got really Helpful & Nice Staff) *MEMBER BENEFITS ADDED*