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Start the game! The whistle blows!


Jan 30, 8:39 am
Yay thanks Vegeta ssjj2 for the membership!!!
Jan 16, 5:25 am
HhhuuurrrrrrrrrDuuuurrrrr nnngGGGHHHHHHngghh
Jan 7, 2:17 am
Makes me sad when I think about all the projects I deleted because they "werent good enough" LOL when it would be nice now to play them just because they're my legacy... I destroyed my legacy D:
Jan 1, 8:20 am
Just saw a game update Hitogen did on everyone's projects in 2020 and was so flattered that he actually played and took notes!! Makes me feel so bad for losing that project D:

Anyway working on something called "Solar Apocalypse" and this time I've made backups on a cloud to prevent a worst-case-scenario
Sep 28 2023, 7:22 pm
Still alive out this way in Australia, Melbourne. Spring is coming through, Iím learning to fish, made a new account on Habbo and Old school Runey. Love to chat if you guys still use pager, or my email if thatís something you prefer to use. Still havenít got my own PC yet, but love to work on my project once I do.

Also got back into The Walking Dead comics, I love them like theyíre my bible but god damn theyíre horrific!! Any of yous want to get in touch, please do.


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