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# WWRGD? What would Rick Grimes do?


Sep 28, 7:22 pm
Still alive out this way in Australia, Melbourne. Spring is coming through, Iím learning to fish, made a new account on Habbo and Old school Runey. Love to chat if you guys still use pager, or my email if thatís something you prefer to use. Still havenít got my own PC yet, but love to work on my project once I do.

Also got back into The Walking Dead comics, I love them like theyíre my bible but god damn theyíre horrific!! Any of yous want to get in touch, please do.

Dec 19 2022, 12:03 am
Enjoying my new lappy just 2let you guys know where I'm at.. working on a post-apoc alien occupation game, revizing my coding an art in the process-- any of you want to get in touch, I active on my pager
Mar 27 2022, 6:15 am
You got this bro.
Here's some music for the heart.
Mar 26 2022, 11:55 pm
I'm feeling better now... and it's been 5 years since I was active in the community (except 2020 where I worked on a game with dismemberment and a HUD)

2020 now and Bumblemore lives again, looking forward to being active more now that my heart is feeling better
Mar 26 2022, 11:52 pm
Ok I'm over it but that was difficult... I saw my lost love of 5 years with her new boyfriend and even though nothing happened, I had a massive black hole in my stomach... a singularity big enough to power SS13

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Bumblemore's Favorite Games

by Agorako | Aug 17 2014
Classic scanline racing
Use a pick-ax and bombs to dig tunnels and build scaffolding to traverse the caves. Be careful, you'll never know what ...
by Colin1011 | Dec 4 2010
RPG with very developed gameplay.
Combine elements and create chain reactions to thwart your foes!
"In space, no one can hear you scream."
by Zxzxzx | Jul 16 2004
-Pre Beta- Hosts would be nice...
An RPG/RTS originally based on dwarf fortress
by Teka123 | Dec 23 2011
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
by Magicsofa | Dec 19 2012
Tags: action, shooter
At Symbol Causes Inexcusable Injuries
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
by Drakiel | Oct 17 2003
Tags: rpg, text
The original text-rp of BYOND.
by Undefeated Saiyans | Jul 29 2013
Tags: utility
Cheap Hosting Service
A shell server (hosting service) for all of BYOND to use!
Provides the virtual resources that a game master and his or her players need to enjoy traditional tabletop (pen and ...
by Toddab503 | Aug 10 2012
Wander, Hope, Survive...!
by Calus CoRPS | Dec 7 2010
A Raycasting Engine 3D
by IainPeregrine | Sep 18 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Working on improving game as we speak please give it some time.
by Chris Gayle | May 12 2013
Minigame | A small game I made for my mother
by Swirlz of Death | Apr 18 2011
Tags: life, rpg, text
It's a matter of life and death. And a visual novel.
by ITG Master | Apr 24 2005
Chrono Trigger Online
by Chris Gayle | Jul 15 2014
Concept | Build a colony in Space on Asteroids
by Exadv1 | Jul 14 2003
An emulation of a command line atmosphere.
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 4.041 - 1/31/2017
by Cowed | Feb 28 2010
Tags: fantasy, rpg
A role-playing game set in a fantasy medieval world.
Survival RPG Game
by Cowed_Revival | Apr 5 2020
Tags: rpg
A role-playing game set in a fantasy medieval world.
by SuperAntx | Jan 2 2013
Tags: action, puzzle, retro, rpg
There is no hope for ye who descends into darkness.
Fantasy action adventure with boundless possibilities! Each server can be a unique customized world.
by JayRix | Jul 12 2007
The First and Only Darren Shan game on BYOND. Currently in Pre-Alpha stages. Rank and Spread the word. Darren Shan: ...
Rid the HMS DawnCaster of the alien menace!
by Vahn363 | Feb 13 2009
The world has gone into chaos as the dead walk again! Can you survive or will you become a zombie yourself!
A lone submarine deep in enemy territory. Do what you can to survive.
by SuperAntx | Dec 18 2009
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
by Higoten | Jul 28 2013
A GiaD entry based around personal hygiene.
by Reeve1 | Jan 9 2007
Based On The Established Doctor Who Canon
by Wexrex | Dec 19 2006
Play as one of three different races as you experience the intergalactic chaos in the world of Doctor Who.
by Emasym | Jan 7 2011
Active Combat, Fully Implemented Quest-System, no 1-Click-Training!
by Neo Berserker | Aug 13 2013
Horror survival exploration game. (GIAW)
by Ginseng | Sep 10 2006
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
by PirateHead | Apr 21 2006
Tags: rpg
More roleplaying, less rollplaying.
by Kozuma3 | Sep 30 2015
A fantasty RPG.
by Lcooper | Jun 22 2013
A game based on Exadv1's Console
by Taitz | Mar 30 2013
Tags: pvp, rpg, survival
Become a leader of your own faction and develop it or join an existing one. Claim land as your own and make allies. Most ...
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution.
by Squeegy | May 19 2008
Support your God. Build an empire. Conquer.
by A2J2TIWARI | Jul 8 2013
Laughed Already? Wondering what the Game is All About? Play to Figure Out!
Do you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
by Calus CoRPS | Jan 15 2010
Tags: casual, isometric
Isometric sandbox building game, where the player creates and destroys various blocks.
by Leftley | Jun 25 2002
A classic puzzle game with a new spin.
by Polatrite | Jan 14 2010
Tags: action, scifi
Aliens in our town? I don't think so - the people fight back!
by Doohl | Jul 21 2013
Tags: contest
The official GiaD2013 winner by Doohl
by Geldonyetich | Jul 18 2011
Tags: demo
Incomplete Version Of Future Shock: INCLUDES SOURCE CODE
A recreation of the Game Of Thrones Board Game
Become a super hero or villain! Create an origin for yourself and enjoy life in this building/survival game!
Collect orbs of the green variety.
A Play-by-Post RPG, Join a journey into the multiverse of the Guardians' Song
Come and join us in the Harry Potter game started in 2005, and still going strong.
by Ease | Jul 28 2013
Tags: casual
Only the deadly AIDs virus can kill the evil dictator!
by D-Cire | Jun 8 2013
Tags: utility
This is a development tool used for generating icon states.
by Enigmaster2002 | Aug 21 2003
Tags: building, chat, icons
The only published game in its genre.
by Falacy | May 15 2010
Tags: icons
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
by Bloodocean7 | Mar 22 2013
Tags: adventure
Will You Remember?
by Garthor | Jun 17 2007
Duke it out in a battle between two large armies
An rpg full of life and wonder ready for you to explore or conquer?
Survive in a town that has been quarantined and abandoned.
by Jittai | Jun 30 2013
Tags: maze
Life is full of little miracles.

Bumblemore's Favorite Resources

by JackGuy | Feb 14 2007
Tags: 3d
A demo of 3D Wireframe rendering.
by Alathon | Jul 31 2012
Tags: input, mud, parser
Command parser for MUDs
A great demo which shows not only normal beams, but also beams that pierce through the enemy!
by Spunky_Girl | Apr 3 2009
A short and simple way of creating beam-like verbs for your game(s)! :D
by ACWraith | Feb 15 2012
Tags: maps, math
Split and merge planes of integer dimensions.
A game for the 8k contest.
by Schnitzelnagler | Aug 28 2009
Tags: components
An attempt at crafting that allows for easy and flexible add-on of any crafting-kind
by Ss4toby | Apr 2 2009
Tags: chat, interface
When BYOND 4.0 came out everyone was thrilled. Finally, we could completly customize our BYOND games to our likings.. ...
by Jeff8500 | Aug 19 2008
A quick simple example of how to create an HTML popu
by D4RK3 54B3R | Aug 26 2010
Tags: source
8k Cartridge Classic II entry!
by Red Hall Dev | Sep 13 2012
Closed Project, Hardware Failure.
by LucknFavor | Jul 18 2008
Tags: interface
Drag and Drop Inventory Demo
by Leftley | Feb 11 2003
Tags: views
A very simple, somewhat clunky demonstration of a first-person dungeon view.
by Shinguku | Jul 25 2003
A few free turf icons.
by PopLava | Feb 22 2012
Simple example showing how to do fullscreen games
by Gakumerasara | Jul 14 2007
A* pathfinding for multitile atoms
by Evi of au | Feb 18 2007
Tags: source
The source code to my entry in Crispy and Iain Peregrine's Game in a Day contest, won second place.
by Super Saiyan X | Mar 5 2012
Tags: hub, text
A very small library with no useful features, such as getting a list of fans from the hub; and retrieving your hub ID.
by Forum_account | Mar 15 2012
Tags: effects, icons
An easy way to generate and process icons.
by Zecronious | Jun 19 2013
Tags: source
Allows you to create fantastic little idle games.
by Forum_account | Aug 17 2010
Tags: interface
Provides a better way to interact with interface controls than the built-in winset/winget procs.
by F0lak | Jul 21 2010
Tags: isometric
A small demo of a few things BYOND Isometrics are capable of.
by FIREking | May 7 2013
Tags: effects, lighting
The fastest lighting system for BYOND
by Kidpaddle45 | Jun 10 2013
Drag & Drop instead of code.
by DarkCampainger | Jul 2 2012
Tags: maps, utility
Extract only the relevant bits of data from your project for your mappers
by Foomer | Jul 27 2009
Tags: maps, savefiles
A map saving and loading system designed for programs that work with a single map at a time.
by Gughunter | May 25 2003
Tags: maps
A Python script to create BYOND maps from graphic files.
by FIREking | Jul 24 2013
Tags: demo, maps
Massive is a real-time save/load chunk system that allows worlds to have tens of millions of tiles and objects saved and ...
by Dan | Apr 23 2001
Tags: mud
A bare-bones room-based MUD system that handles saving/loading and run-time configuration.
by Rockinawsome | Sep 23 2008
Tags: hud
You could use the technique demonstrated for a tiny paint program, or (in theory) a 3D game as limited as tank busters.
by Forum_account | Dec 13 2010
Tags: movement
A pixel movement library for isometric and top-down maps.
by Hiead | Jan 2 2006
Tags: source
The source to my little Pong game.
by Kozuma3 | Nov 28 2020
Tags: 3d, raycasting
My raycaster thing o-o
by Lummox JR | Jul 20 2005
Tags: contest, source
The source code to a tiny little RPG
by Neophyte | Aug 19 2005
Shooting Demo (open Source)
by Zohan98 | Apr 17 2013
Tags: sidescroller
A simple library
by Xx Stunt xX | Aug 4 2006
Tags: effects
Wont take you 3 minutes to understand this roof code and put it in your own game!
by Foomer | May 30 2009
Tags: sound
Some basic support for transitional music and 3D sound controls.
by Gughunter | Sep 23 2007
Tags: source
A BYOND Classic that's a real "fixer-upper." Can you improve it?
by Lummox JR | Nov 24 2002
Tags: contest, source
Source code for Scream of the Stickster (BYONDscape 4K Challenge 2002)
by Lummox JR | Oct 22 2002
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
by Forum_account | Feb 11 2012
Tags: icons, maps
Automatically generates edge icons for turfs and places them on the map.
by Hobnob | Jul 26 2009
Tags: effects
by Gughunter | Apr 28 2008
Tags: maps
Another way to create random maps.
by Dantom | Dec 8 2000
Tags: beginner, source
A simple project to get you started.
by Crispy | Feb 23 2004
Tags: source
Full source code for the adventure game "Your Money or Your Life".