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Hi whoever reads that :)


Nov 24 2012, 11:36 am
Hello. Be so kind to add me in pager.

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CIB's Games
Dawn of the Spaceage
Settle a planet, build up a big space-fleet and conquer the universe!
Re: About Dawn of the Spaceage
Resident Evil Online 2: Scenario Edition
This is a tweak of DarkEmrald's REO2 adding roleplaying elements to the game.
CIB's Demos
Sonic source code
This is a source code, of a sonic game.
About Sonic source code
CIB's Libraries
big icons to screen
A proc to add bigger icons than 32x32 pixels to a screen.
About big icons to screen
gravity lib
This lib can make your atoms fall.
About gravity lib
inventory lib
Stops spamming the inventory with much items of the same type!
About inventory lib
time lib
If you include this lib, it makes an own time for your game.
About time lib