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Come and Play!!
by K3sharr729 | Jul 4 2008
**I might be comin back with this game and then make it alot better with a few changes**
24/7 host! New shikais and arrancar masks coming up! fast lvling!
by Garruea | Aug 25 2007
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A PvP/PvE/RP Naruto game - Play it as you wish, we are working on updates!
Starting up again!
by McMekko | Jan 18 2008
Oldschool Naruto game from 2006. Updated 3-08-2019 it will be up soon
by Kang 123q | Apr 9 2007
New Naruto game that beats all the other Naruto games, Bleach, One Piece, Avatar and other anime games. Join the game ...