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Feb 6 2017, 9:54 pm
Hey DarkCampaigner, I am having an issue with your Minimap project, i am getting the error that it hasn't been created yet. Please let me know if you can help

Here is my use of your code
dc_MinimapStates = 'dc_MinimapStates.dmi'

parent = "default"
x1 = 1; y1 = 35 // These are the coordinates that
x2 = 77; y2 = 147 // I want to display on this minimap
z = 1

backgroundColor = "#2c82a7"

delay = 2

marker = list(/dc_MinimapMarker/MarkerNorth,/dc_MinimapMarker/MarkerEast,/dc_MinimapMarker/MarkerSouth,/dc_MinimapMarker/MarkerWest)

id = "MarkerNorth"
x = "50"
y = "40"
width = 2
height = 5
color = "#FF0000"
id = "MarkerEast"
x = "60"
y = "50"
width = 5
height = 2
color = "#FF0000"
id = "MarkerSouth"
x = "50"
y = "60"
width = 2
height = 5
color = "#FF0000"
id = "MarkerWest"
x = "40"
y = "50"
width = 5
height = 2
color = "#FF0000"

I of course am using the other reference files along with this, no issues there. Just returns me to the CRASH line in the Global Functions file
Sep 26 2014, 4:20 am
Awesome, glad to hear you got it fixed without having to revert to an old backup!
Sep 25 2014, 6:20 pm
I accidentally deleted the topic, but thanks for the help! The issue was ultimately some wird double comma stuff, I think.
Nov 7 2012, 4:19 am
i need to talk to you about a chance to join my team
and create an original idea game on Byond
as of now i am willing to split the money made 60/40
to you if you can code.
all the animaiton is done by me
and is already done please message me if your interested.
thank you --Devon
p.s. this game will be huge!

The game is going to be basically like Van Helsing.
You can be a Vampire, Lycan(werewolf), or human.
This game may sound weak but it has all the potential to be great.
The idea came to me when i was searching on my Iphone for apps.
I saw that most games that were doing well had one key thing in common.
They were things that people could involve action and money into results.
with many purchaseable upgrades and ideas
i haave already formulated a way that people will think they NEED to buy this
and still say "its not THAT exspensive"
i need and devote time because they want to make money,
a coder that is at the very least willing to work on this gaame
I am not so much interested in the money part and understand how
hard it is to Code so i am willing to give more % for more work.

If you wish to not help be it the idea sounds unappealing, or you are
just not free enough to help, i would still like to offer a 5% "finders fee"
to you if you can find me a coder.
The 5% is an ongoing payment as well and because i know you well
enough to judge your character i am also offerring you a job as a GM
regardless of if you choose to come on as a program.(obviously
positions will be higher if you are coder)

As for the animation part of the job. it is a 64x64 base and i have
already completed the Lycan race, the human race has 4 types of
classes each with their own unique skills and armor(another way to
make money) and is 40% complete, and the vampire race is 60% done.

I understand any doubts you may have and i am willing to set up a time
where i can show you a portfolio of the icons and discuss further how
the game will become a contending factor in Byond.

Thanks for you time! and i hope you decide that this game is worth it!
Oct 1 2012, 12:51 pm
the download for my game says it is a broken url, how do i fix this

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