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New version of game is coming out soon. We are updating alot. Probably biggest update of BDM ever. Check out the forums ...
by BUProductions | Jun 1 2007
Coming back in a different style!
by Lime31 | Aug 19 2007
A dragonball based roleplay
This is a good game of DBZ, so come and play it!! ''THE RANKERS GET BOST!!!!''
200+ Jutsu that you can combine to make your own jutsuís. Sub clan system to get 1/2 of another clanís jutsu. Tons of ...
First anime fusion! We have Naruto, Bleach, Kenshin, and Saiyans. Currently working on restructuring.
Rank our game
by Kun11 | Jul 24 2007
The Next Generation of the Shinobi World; Rank and get Boosted V.6! Now Out!
by QMarkReal | Jul 17 2007
The Original game. We try to be as accurate as possible so come and play today and get the full Naruto experience.
by Sionn | Jul 17 2006
The Original Naruto Rebirth is back. Original coding, original icons, and original style. Featuring full world ...
by Robert235 | Jul 27 2007
A Source of a old naruto game gave idk whats the current status of the game so i decide to work on this and added new ...
NSaW, join and check it out.
by Dman2 | Sep 22 2006
=Doing my best to carry out my game its overall original
by Kang 123q | Apr 9 2007
New Naruto game that beats all the other Naruto games, Bleach, One Piece, Avatar and other anime games. Join the game ...