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I am 21 years old


Mar 3 2014, 9:22 am
Apr 16 2013, 7:16 pm
Ed, Leo here. Cadis killed Pain and crashed the server again. Someone killed Cadis and then Pain spammed killed him which then crashed the server.
Nov 16 2012, 7:34 am
See how much he bitches? I was going to unban him the next morning. And I tried hosting another Chuunin, but SINCE IT WAS BUGGED, it didn't do anything. Therefore, he bitched at me some more and I told him to stop and that the fight was fair. So he kept "running his mouth," if you will, so I muted him. Then he mute avoided, which is a banable offense in any game I host. I made it clear to him not to mute avoid, but he did it as soon as I said it, so I clearly had good reason to ban him for the rest of the day. If he wants to bitch about me and my rules, fine, but he can do it on some other game (which I heard he was doing, actually). My server will NOT miss him, and nor does it need him on it if all he's going to do is break rules, whine about punishments, then bitch to you, Edward, to get him out of his problems without him being properly punished. Fools don't learn how to behave if you let them off the hook every damn time they do something wrong. ">_>
Nov 15 2012, 8:44 am
Yo ed, your jack ass of a host muted me for bitching when he let some random genin fight me for chuunin after i passed both first and second parts of the chuunin exam when they left them on. I tried to tell them that if the exams were bugged all they'd have to do is host another chuunin exam and it would close the first one out, but they wouldn't listen to me and said I was bitching so he muted me, when I relogged to try to plead my case he host banned me.
Sep 17 2012, 6:20 am
Game is Naruto Unforgiven its a old davin source that i want to give new life to many clans are being updated but i need a iconner who can create turf and icons for the game
You can add my skype its edward_uchiha3
And either find me on my game or page me/ email which is [email protected]
but skype would be best bc i have it on my phone

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Game is Naruto Unforgiven its a old davin source that i want to give new life to many clans are being updated but i …
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