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Oct 10 2015, 4:11 pm
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Garthor's Games
Collaborate with other plays to guide a smiley face through a maze
About Collaboration
Knights and Heroes
Duke it out in a battle between two large armies
About Knights and Heroes
Garthor's Demos
Dungeon Generator
Creates a random dungeon of square rooms and hallfways.
About Dungeon Generator
Turf Elevation
Visual and physical effects for turfs with different elevations.
About Turf Elevation
Garthor's Libraries
Fog of War
Multiplayer fog of war library
About Fog of War
Simple proc to easily grab the next object a player clicks
About GetClick
Perspective View
Provides a perspective with the camera in front of the mob, instead of directly over it.
About Perspective View
Provides a quasitype turf, qturf, that posesses the properties of both objs and turfs.
About Quasiturf
Safe Save
Protects savefiles from being tampered with
Re: About Safe Save
Star Mapper
Creates a map full of stars.
Re: About Star Mapper