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About Dragonball Bujinkatagi
Dragonball Senshi
Dragonball Senshi - Usually up [Hub last updated 09-October-2005]
About Dragonball Senshi
StarTrek: New Foundings
A StarTrek game with grid movement , 7 races 4 of which are playable, upgradable ship componants, ranks, fleets and player vs player.
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Holy Retribution's Demos
MySQL Saving
MySQL saving demo, character taken checking, character lists, saving and loading.
About MySQL Saving
MySQL Saving 2
A totally diffrent way of MySQL saving to the previous demo, with advancements and comments!
About MySQL Saving 2
Holy Retribution's Libraries
Text Ban System
A ban system which uses .txt files to store banned keys and IP's, ideal for including via external scripts (PHP, CGI, etc)
About Text Ban System
Text File Handling
A modification of Deadron.TextHandling with extra procs to allow reading and writing of any plain text file.
About Text File Handling