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Programmer, graphics designer, web designer, game designer.

Kunark's Games
Dungeon Diver
Dungeon crawling RPG
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A 2D Drugwars strategy game experiment
Re: About Fate
BYOND Hearts is a great card game which you must try to get the least hearts passed to you. Compete against four other players or computers.
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Kunark's Games Forum
This is the forum for all of Kunark's games and developer items.
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Poker at it's greatest: Texas Hold'em! Tons of fun for up to 8 players... The more, the better!
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Rabid Family Dog Games
Link to the Rabid Family Dog games channel.
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Racing Engine Demo
The most advaced racing game engine on BYOND.
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Surreal Dreams
A classic turn-based tactical RPG/strategy game pitting armies against armies.
Kunark's Demos
Card Game Starter
Your first card game starts here! Includes icons, variables, and procs needed for a card game.
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Shows how to make a non-buggy walking delay for PCs
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Multitile Cards
This is a deck of cards bigger than 32x32 that you can use for your projects.
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Paint Demo
Make your paint program go farther with coordinate geometry!
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My smileys for s_smiley by spuzzum.
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Kunark's Libraries
Alternative Chat
Chat in a browser window, to keep it seperate from all the other more important messages!
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Autojoins certain turfs so you don't need to do the dirty work.
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Forum Lib
In game forums! Complete with moderators, banning, closing threads, everything!
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Name Generator
Generates an endless amount of names for your use!
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Real-Time Line Effects
Ever wanted laser beam effects or lightning bolt effects that could be angled to go anywhere you want? With this library, you can make it happen!
About Real-Time Line Effects
The K_Security System. Prevents a certain type of cheating from players, and sets limits to who can host, and when they can host.
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