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Just another wanderer in in the realm of BYOND.

Malver's Games
A short demo of a raycasting engine using text-mode.
About 3DTextDemo
Acronym-Related Word Game. Decipher acronyms alongside other players, then decide on the funniest!
About ARWG
Bizlof War
Wage war on your enemies with a massive arsenal of weapons, ranging from shotguns to SMGs to pulse cannons.
About Bizlof War
Bizlof War: Tactical Implications
Bring the enemy down with the use of tactics, clever schemes, and pure firepower!
About Bizlof War: Tactical Implications
Up to 4 players launch war upon eachother in this action-packed RTS!
About Clash
A primitive lighting system in BYOND's Text-Mode!
About TextDemo
Malver's Demos
Radar Demo
Create an onscreen, pixel-based radar system!
Re: About Radar Demo
About RaycastingDemo
War Demo! Complete with movement system, firing system, and weapons!
About War_Demo
Malver's Libraries
Plug-in customizable "floating" text library for textmode!
About FloatText