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May 2 2013, 11:23 am
hey i love your game pokemon Aurora u the best game maker ever!!!

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Mechana2412's Games
About BYOND Loco
A simple boardgame of a war between the Red bots and Blue bots.
About BoardBots
Castlevania Online
A Castlevania: AoS and DoS Fangame
About Castlevania Online
Build your village. Train your army. Conquer the planet.
About Civilizations
Defender Island
Build your base. Defend your flag.
About Defender Island
Elemental Guardians
Find the Elemental Gems, and become a guardian of the elements.
About Elemental Guardians
Naelor v2
A whole new type of Platform RPG is back once again!
About Naelor v2
Pokemon Aurora
Retro PAU now being hosted!
Re: About Pokemon Aurora
Platform Builder
What happens when the Game&Watch Games meet an Icon Builder Game? Platform Builder!
About Platform Builder
Pokemon Chat
A Pokemon-theme chatroom with multiple channels in a 2D world. Not just text-based!
About Pokemon Chat
Station V
A Space Station roleplay game. Get a room, fly a ship, play the piano, or just try and live a normal life on the enormous floating colony that is Station V.
About Station V
Throne of the Elements Online
The Past and Future collide in Pyra Productions' online interpretation of their expansive RPG.
About Throne of the Elements Online
Test Hub
Mechana's Test Hub. Many new ideas are put into testing here. Home of the Popular Platformer RPG Naelor and new genres such as Platform Builder!
About Test Hub
The Labyrinth
Can you escape the modern Labyrinth of Daedalus?
About The Labyrinth