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Mar 26 2014, 6:21 pm
Hey man its Crowley. So the idea was that just like we have Shinigami Npc's and hollow Npc's i think we should also have earthling Npc's. We can do it by having a npc for each earth race just casually standing around and upon it seeing you it attacks you like the normal npc's. The difference is that instead of it attacking everyone it only attacks shinigami and hollow rpc, much like the shinigami npc's attack everyone but shinigami. Now, if incorporated we could do it much more like one world vs another and have it to where the hollows no longer attack hollows. We can put shinigami, hollows, and earthling npc,s in the other worlds so that it is still a challenge, but for the most part for training one must go to another world and cause chaos. Also, much like if a shinigami attacks a shinigami npc, the hollow/shinigami/earthlings can attack the respective race. Now, the human npc's will be set up as such(I will be using rep shini for this example): Each race will have their own npc, and their release will be like that of an normal npc, however, the lower npc's only start off like normal shini reps with shikai so they would be like weak hollows/normal shinigami. Next we would have the the half mask rep shini(Still with shikai) who would be like the med hollows/Lt shinigami. Then we would have the full mask rep shini(still with shikai) who would be our strong hollow/Captain Shinigami. Lastly we would have our Full mask shini rep who now have bankai who would be menos+. We can replace rep shini with sado or fairy people but still same concept. With them placed all over the human world, and scarcely scattered around the other worlds i think it would really take pvp to another lvl because you would have to go to another world to train on npc's for the most part. We could also have a scale that effects how training goes in the game, much like how the hollow killing in the human world tips the balance and effects the players in some way. SO that's about it. Thank you for your time
Aug 18 2013, 1:59 pm
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