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Jun 19 2012, 11:38 am
hey runney...... Its Sogun can you talk to me
Jun 15 2012, 1:49 am
Runney, I missed you \=

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Runney001's Games
Battle Realm
Currently being developed
About Battle Realm
Dragonball GT : World Annihilation
New DBZ Game with lots more updates to come!
Dragonball Z A New Era
Currently in Development
About Dragonball Z A New Era
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Night
Under Contruction By Runney001 and Dinomaster45
A world that evolves as you do. Where you have the power to shape the world. Creation and destruction are in your hands.
About Evolution
Metal Gear Byond
Alpha Test
Re: About Metal Gear Byond
Naruto Shinobi Avengers
A Naruto game thats fan based and has simple story elements from the Naruto series.
Re: About Naruto Shinobi Avengers
Naruto Shinobi Conflict
Under Construction
About Naruto Shinobi Conflict
Pokemon Mystic World
Under-Construction By: Runney001 & Dinomaster45
About Pokemon Mystic World
Wars of Time: A New Era
Alpha testing started. Server will be down whilst we update the game
About Wars of Time: A New Era