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Jan 3 2020, 10:53 am
Idoshen wrote:
You still active hoe??

5 and a half years later, I am
Jun 2 2014, 4:31 am
You still active hoe??
Apr 28 2014, 10:06 am
hey niti can I add you on skype to talk to you
Oct 8 2013, 8:36 am
hey niti its warhead when the game will be back up ?
Aug 6 2013, 10:55 pm
it was Shadow

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Medals SasukeHawk can earn in his favorite games

[Any games] [Earned medals]



Claim 50 enemy pawns.

Claim 25 enemy rooks.
Glue factory CEO

Claim 25 enemy knights.

Claim 25 enemy bishops.
Behind every great man...

Claim 12 enemy queens.
Government toppler

Claim 12 enemy kings (I.E., win twelve games).
Military mastermind

Checkmate your opponent using one piece.
Best served cold

Seek vengeance for a loss.
Fairy mastery

Checkmate your opponent using at least one fairy piece.
The horsey moves this way?

Defeat your opponent with at least one fairy piece in your arsenal.
Passing up the opportunity

Use the en passant move 10 times.
Castling by day, hustling by night

Castle ten times.

Defeat your opponent in 40 moves or less.

Win a game in 20 moves or less.

Victim of a stalemate.
That old trick?

Subject your opponent to the Scholar's Mate.

Evacuate any non-king piece directly after it is threatened.
Front line general

Your king is directly involved in checkmating your opponent (E.G., preventing the capture of the mating piece).
How you like them apples?

Win a game having lost half as many (or less) pieces as your opponent.
Seventy two

Win a game having lost at least twice as many pieces as your opponent.

Dragonball WWA

Breaking Out!

Complete the 5th Story Mission

Alien Duo

Complete the 6th Story Mission

Beauty in the Beast

Complete the 7th Story Mission

The Ginyu Force

Complete the 8th Story Mission

The Real Goku

Complete the 9th Story Mission

Cold-Hearted Frieza

Complete the 10th Story Mission

Namek Finale

Complete the 11th Story Mission

Mysterious Saiyan

Complete the 12th Story Mission

Dr. Gero

Complete the 13th Story Mission

Heart Disease

Complete the 14th Story Mission

Lab Rats

Complete the 15th Story Mission

Time Flies

Complete the 16th Story Mission

An Imperfect Match

Complete the 17th Story Mission

A Perfect Being

Complete the 18th Story Mission

Cell Games Begin

Complete the 19th Story Mission

Cell Games Intermission

Complete the 20th Story Mission

Cell Games Finale

Complete the 21st Story Mission

The World Tournament

Complete the 22nd Story Mission

Demon King Dabura

Complete the 23rd Story Mission

Peace vs Pride

Complete the 24th Story Mission

A Great Sacrifice

Complete the 25th Story Mission

Supreme Training

Complete the 26th Story Mission

The Fusion

Complete the 27th Story Mission

Buu's Trick

Complete the 28th Story Mission

Mystic vs Majin

Complete the 29th Story Mission

An Inside Job

Complete the 30th Story Mission

Kid Buu Emerges

Complete the 31st Story Mission

Lucky Number 7

Grant 7 wishes with the Dragonballs

I'm Still Here

Revive 100 times as a Majin

Dende in the Flesh

Heal 400 times as a Namekian

I Hate Monkeys

Kill 50 Saiyans as an Alien

Last Stand

Reach 1 PL on the dot without using suicidal skills

What A Waste

Fail to use your Saiyan Ability 50 times

Too Fast Too Furious

Win 100 clashes

Super Spirit Bomb

Kill 10 people with one spirit bomb


Talk to King Kai for the first time


Have 100 ki clash cancels

What A Puny Attack

Win 100 ki clashes


Kill 50 Mercenaries

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Gain 200,000 zenni

Casino Man

Win 20 Gambles


Lose all zenni on a gamble

Speedy Gonzalis

Use After Image 500 times

Ki For Days

Successfully use Android Absorption 500 times

Blasted to Bits

Successfully land 2,000 ki blasts while using accel shot


Successfully land 500 launch combos


Successfully land 1,200 launch combos

Are those Stars Real?

Successfully land dazing punch 2,000 times

Whose Cool Now

Kill at least 30 coolers in the mini-challenge


Kill 100 enemies

Risk Taker

Shoot 500 ki blasts while using Neo Tri Beam


Transform 250 times

Snake Way Demon

Travel Snake Way 500 times

Grind Master

Reach level 200

Highway to Heaven

Reach level cap

Sword Art Online

Snipe a Baws!

You helped kill the first boss!
Playing with life.

Be careful with life!

Bleach World


Congratz on getting Quincy race!
Subsitute Shinigami

Congratz on getting Substitute Shinigami race!

Congratz on getting Berserker race!

Congratz on getting Protector race!

Congratz on getting Arrancar race!

Gratz on getting Boost#1!
Shunpo Master

You are truly a master of the Shunpo!

You have achieved Bankai!
Final Form

You Are A True Quincy Achieving This!
Doll Master

Mastery Of Doll!
Full Protector

You have all now to protect closest to you!
Final Arm

You have gotten the last type of the Mighty Arms!