Joined: Jul 3 2008

I enjoy more along graphic designing or making games. Thank you for the wonderful years on BYOND.


Dec 19 2018, 10:55 pm
Oct 23 2016, 2:45 am
Hi Sayaotonashis,do you have Bleach Unforgiven sins source,i wana try and remake the game and add new stuff.
And thank you for creating cool games.
Jan 23 2016, 4:26 pm
Oh my... Honestly I'm honestly just astonished to see you are still around. Haha, BYOND randomly popped into mind and I decided to check out the BUS page. So many memories were made for me. To think i was only 11 when I started playing Bleach: Unforgiven Sins and now I'm applying for colleges to go to after I finish my last semester of High School. Thanks for the memories. ^~^
Jan 13 2016, 4:07 am
Dear guys, I enjoyed hearing you all laugh and play all the time here ^^ thanks for being amazing. I'm still around, but always busy.
Dec 18 2014, 2:14 pm
Saya... If you want a dedicated 24/7 shell, just let me know. I have access to one and I'm not even using it anymore so page me if you want more info.

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Sayaotonashis' Favorite Games

A 2D Bleach MMORPG Sandbox! Portuguęs & English Supported In Game, discord and game updated Daily! bleach anime naruto ...
by MetaFrosty | Dec 22 2013
Tags: anime, horror, mystery
Who will remain when the clock hits 6AM?
by Devourer Of Souls | Dec 2 2007
Tags: anime
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
Pokémon how it was meant to be.
by MasterBraska | Dec 5 2011
A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?

Sayaotonashis' Favorite Resources

by DustinRulz | Sep 26 2006
Simple admin verbs
by Ralf1324 | Jun 24 2006
Tags: admin
The most important GM Commands for any game.
Basic Codings for Icon Chatting game
by Spunky_Girl | Apr 3 2009
A short and simple way of creating beam-like verbs for your game(s)! :D
by Kamoku | May 5 2002
Quick little demo for a channels system where you can turn a channel on or off!
by Polaris8920 | Sep 20 2005
Tags: cheating
A library using /cheat datums to process cheat codes. With full customization!
by GhostAnime | Nov 4 2006
Tags: hub
Checks the position of your game in the person's favorite list
by Evi of au | Feb 18 2007
Tags: colors
A color selection system Crashed and I worked together on, heavily modified from the original we cooked up. Uses a lot ...
This system includes 9 Communication Verbs
by Air Mapster | Apr 11 2002
Tags: encryption
The RC5 Encryption Algorithm
by Air Mapster | Aug 8 2001
Tags: debugging
Save debug messages and send them to a central server for later perusal.
by DivineO'peanut | Sep 20 2007
Search words from resources or online websites at lightning speed!
by Evi of au | Feb 17 2006
Tags: multitile
Display any multi-tile icon (.png, .bmp, .dmi) file on your byond map with the click of a button.
by Air Mapster | Nov 26 2002
Tags: contest, source
Source code for Draggin' Ballz 4k
by GemStar | Sep 15 2006
Tags: equipment
I've generate this complex equipment system.
by Evi of au | Apr 26 2009
Take Control with this advanced Admin system!
by Nexes | Dec 15 2002
A cool fly demo including a camflauge verb
by Mikos | Oct 9 2002
heaps of free GM codes! please feel free to use these in your game!
by Evi of au | Feb 18 2007
Tags: source
The source code to my entry in Crispy and Iain Peregrine's Game in a Day contest, won second place.
by Gogeta126 | May 30 2008
A crime game i was working on as my first project. Its nowhere near perfection. Play with it fix it modify it.
by Spuzzum | Apr 6 2002
The Garden of Eden Creation Kit, and its companion, Mr. Handy, are here to give you an example on how to make kits that ...
by Buppasquadranious | Sep 25 2002
heaps of GM codes for you =P
by Nemesis_2003 | May 17 2003
GM Codes for 5 Dimes! Includes Freeze verb, boot verb, watch verb enter for more details
by Xx Stunt xX | Aug 4 2006
Roof, Bank, Attack,shield,and quest system with good icons!
by Evi of au | Apr 6 2009
Ever wanted multiple items to stack in your inventory? This is for you.
by Nickr5 | Dec 26 2010
Tags: admin
A convenient and easy-to-use logging system for DM.
by Mikos | Dec 6 2002
Heaps Of Different Types Of Icons For 5 Dimes
by Kunark | Feb 27 2002
Tags: movement
Shows how to make a non-buggy walking delay for PCs
by Kunark | Jul 1 2003
Tags: cards, multitile
This is a deck of cards bigger than 32x32 that you can use for your projects.
by LBDT | Apr 1 2002
This is a demo tune by Mrhat99au.
by DustinRulz | Sep 26 2006
Tags: standings
Hub Score Demo.
by Jtgibson | Dec 17 2005
Tags: cards, icons
A set of four single-tile card icons for each standard suit, including an additional "card back" icon.
by Quiet Screams | Jan 18 2008
Tags: maps
Make a Dungeon for PMDO
by Pokemon k | May 25 2008
like pokemon
by Aliraza3 | Nov 15 2008
Fell it in you in. You pokemon fans.
by Xerse | Oct 22 2004
Tags: source
Rise of Heroes Source Files
The source for my Rise of Heros Advanced Game.
The Rise to Glory Source code and Icon Pack
by Zeigue | Feb 17 2004
RPG Chars, and icons for your game.
by LXShadow | May 13 2007
Tags: source
The messy source code to Spyro Adventure.
by Evi of au | Oct 22 2007
Tags: icons
A free pack of custom star wars icons. (Jedi Gaiden)
by Sariat | May 1 2002
Buy/Sell items from the statpanel!
by Kenkin | Jun 28 2003
This is the codes to my game Supreme Icon Trading
by Enigmaster2002 | Oct 25 2003
Tags: time
A small proc providing customizable and offset-able timestamp generation.
by Sariat | May 9 2002
Make a training system!
A library that should eliminate the stale non-moving NPC characters in most BYOND games today.
Great Icons for a great price. 5 dimes for life. That means free up to date Icons.
by RaeKwon | Dec 26 2002
This can be used to get online web-page codes.
by SSKoushi | Jan 7 2004
The source code for world, free!
by Yusei-Signer- | Sep 15 2008
Great Yugioh Icons