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Oct 23 2014, 12:49 pm
I dunno if you read this or not, but if you do I have a question... Do you still have the graphics, icons, ect. for The World: R2? As you know, I did have them at one point, but my external hard drive died and I lost them along with the source I was making...

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Seanleonartes' Favorite Games

by Seanleonartes | Sep 12 2009
The bleach world with even stats and a fun layout.
by Playa_216 | Oct 22 2010
A NNG based naruto game, New updates coming to player and admin alikes.
by Pyro_dragons | Dec 20 2005
Tags: rpg
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements? ...
by Dark Hollow Games | Jan 1 2012
Tags: fantasy, pvp, rpg
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