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Pretty cool game....

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by Heyya46 | Jan 8 2008
Tags: action, anime, pvp, rpg
Now being remade with passive skills and skill trees!
MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
by Kajika | Oct 6 2003
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
by Falacy | Jul 3 2011
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by Falacy | Jul 3 2011
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A Text Based Katekyou Arena, emphasis on text based.
The 1st Konjiki no Gash Bell Game On Byond Based On The Anime And Manga Seires By: Makoto Raiku
4.0 in progress.
by EmmanuelV | Nov 23 2007
New --
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powerd adventure! Coming soon.
by Kang 123q | Apr 9 2007
New Naruto game that beats all the other Naruto games, Bleach, One Piece, Avatar and other anime games. Join the game ...